Star Professional “Bikefit”-(Road/MTB/Commuter/Track)

 Physiotherapy Consultation 60-90 minutes $299

Star Physio are recognised as experts in cycling injuries and prevention as well as performance. Our physiotherapists use the most advanced Bikefitting technology available, including WA’s only dynamic saddle pressure and foot force and pressure analysis system from world leading Bikefitting group Gebiomized.

All “bikefit” appointments are physiotherapy consultations which are billed for the extended time required to undertake the incredibly important physiotherapy assessments to assist in determining your ideal cycling position to minimise your pain, improve your performance, and allow you to exercise for lifelong health.

Did you know that the number one risk factor for early morbidity and significant disease is low fitness? Physiotherapists are experts in both treatment and prevention of injuries, but now more than ever we are ideally placed to assist clients in achieving and maintaining good levels of fitness, through recommending appropriate exercise.

Cycling is a fantastic, low impact form of exercise, that can be used at almost any age and any level of fitness for weight loss, fitness, commuting or as a competitive sport. However research by Wilber (1995) stated that 85% of cyclists will get injured! Dettori in his 2006 paper identified the main areas of pain in cyclists as the Knee (20-65%), Low back (15-50%), Neck & shoulder (10-50%), Handlebar palsy (10-70%), ‘Saddle sores’ (40-65%) and Numbness & Erectile Dysfunction (20-60%). These numbers are quite frightening which is why you should get on top of any niggles early and prevent these injuries where possible by trusting one of Star Physio’s expert physiotherapists to get your bike in the ideal position for you as well as provide advice to help achieve your goals.

This assessment will include questions regarding your history of cycling and any injuries current and or past, your general health and exercise history. We will also discuss your goals in cycling whether they be to maintain good health, fitness and weight, or to take the next step, competing in cycling or triathlon or even chasing a personal or World Record!

Following these questions we will conduct appropriate physical assessment related to your history, goals, and our understanding of cycling biomechanics, pain relief and injury minimisation.

We will then assess your cycling position and technique and take initial objective measurements on the bike.

Using our skills as physiotherapists, we will then put all of this information together and give recommendations on changes to your cycling position and or technique. We will then make adjustments to your position, sometimes many times over, as we fine tune your position using our state of the art measurement equipment to attempt to find your ideal position.

Once we have achieved an agreed position for the session, we will discuss a plan as well as review any technique changes and appropriate exercises to assist in easing and or preventing pain and injury.

All of this information is documented and measurements, advice, and exercises are provided for your reference. Following your fit a follow up email will be sent which will include further information summarising your physiotherapy consultation for “bikefit” as well as some pictures of your position before and after adjustment with key areas highlighted.

Our professional fit by a physiotherapist is designed for the cyclist who wants to ride in a great position and be confident that their position will be efficient and comfortable on a road, Mountain, commuter or track bike. Due to the complexities of getting the front end of a TT of Tri bike set up correctly, additional time is required for these bikes.  Please book a Star TT or Triathlon Specific Bikefit to allow us to assist you to get the most out of your bike. For road bikes with clip on bars, we will likely discuss with you why these only work for a very small proportion of the population (Read very flexible and no injuries) and we would again encourage you to allow us the additional 30 minutes for this.

If you have injuries or significant discomfort on the bike, we would encourage you to book our Star Professional Bikefit for Pain or Injury which allows an additional half hour to fully assess to cause of your pain and carefully modify your position for this, as well as assist you in developing a plan for long term relief from pain. Read more below.

Your bikefit professional physiotherapist will determine the key features and requirements of your fit and depending on time, may choose to incorporate either saddle pressure mapping or foot pressure mapping to assist in the fit. If you are having significant saddle or foot pain, please book one of the fitting options below.

Again, please send us an email or give our friendly staff a call if you are unsure as to which fit is appropriate for you.  We would much prefer to have a bit more time to ensure that we can cover all of your requirements and give you an amazing experience than have to rush things and miss important details.  We are sure that your investment in a great fit bikefit experience with Star Physio will reward you for many years to come!


Star Time Trial or Triathlon Specific Bikefit 90-120 minutes (TT or Triathlon or Road Bike with Tri Bars) $399

Includes Gebiomized saddle pressure assessment and management or Gebiomized Foot pressure/force assessment.

Aero fitting is inherently difficult and should only ever be undertaken by the most skilled and experienced fitters. At Star Physio we have a love hate relationship with TT and Tri bikes because they are complicated and hard work, but the rewards for getting the fit right on these bikes are immense!

It is also an area of Bikefitting that is often done badly, and unfortunately we see clients every week who have trusted and paid another fitter to provide a Tri/ TT fit, only to end up badly injured.  Don’t let this happen to you!!!

Poor Tri-Fitting Is A Drag!

Triathlon also provides special fit-related challenges to the athlete and a delicate balance to optimise power, aerodynamics, function and comfort. Up to 80% of total drag is attributable to the rider – so it is right to focus here for the biggest slippery gains!

New information from international research from our friends in Canada and Germany now allows us to teach new techniques for gains of up to 5% with the right front end position. How does dropping 5-10 minutes off your half ironman ride leg sound just by getting the front of the bike right, without any negative effects on power or comfort once trained?!!!

Matt C in aero during a Star Physio Bikefit session

New Orthodoxy

In the past, best practice was to fit the athlete to maximise speed on the cycle leg. New triathlon fit thinking is about preserving the athlete for the run as there is evidence that run splits area better predictor of overall success.  The right fit can protect your “springs” without winding up your hips and back too much during the bike leg for efficient power production.


Do you understand the rules relating to the bike and the position of the saddle and bars on the bike? We do!  There is no event on the bike where aero is more important, but this needs to be carefully balanced against the rules of the UCI, and your body’ stability to produce power in an aero position.

Research shows that at a certain point, lowering the front end relative to the saddle can reduce oxygen transfer and muscle efficiency and hence power, not to mention comfort!  However, at certain speeds, you can afford to lose power for a gain of aero.  As Star Physio’s Managing Director and Lead Bikefit Physio Damian Oldmeadow says: “I don’t care what your power output is and I don’t care what your aero numbers say, I care how quickly you can get around the course!”

The challenge in these fits is getting the balance right, all while staying within the guidelines of the UCI which are apparently designed to “level the playing field”. In reality, they do anything but this, and a clever Bikefit Professional knows how to manipulate this through the use of the right equipment, in particular the saddle, as well as the exemptions available to some riders.

If you are serious about going fast in UCI cycling event, getting the right fit is critical, and staying within the guidelines is the key.  Star Physio has a UCI measuring jig to double check all of these parameters during the fitting process.

A professional Triathlon/ Time Trial fitting will:

  • Minimise frontal surface area and optimise aerodynamic shape relative to individual characteristics
  • Maintain good breathing function
  • Maintain open-hip with forward rotation
  • Maintain good pedalling dynamics (especially through the top of the pedal stroke)
  • Maintain pelvic stability
  • Optimise knee-extension
  • Calibrate tri-specific cleat-position
  • Use a position that is appropriate for athlete’s: flexibility, injury history, goals, event duration
  • For triathletes, tune overall position to preserve athlete for the run-leg to utilise marginal gains for overall success.
  • Aero assessment and modification as well as aero advice and technique work

Multiple or additional bikes

A large proportion of a Star Physio Bikefit is dedicated to learning about you, your history, your aspirations and also your body.  This takes time but is the single most important part of the bikefit process from which nearly all of our decisions on your position are based.  Once this is done, the fitting process is usually fairly straight forward and as such we are able to give you great value fits for additional or multiple bikes.

We will fit an additional road, mountain, commuter or track bike on the same day for just $100.  This price does not include saddle or foot pressure mapping.  For additional TT/Tri bikes on the same day, please get in touch and we will work with you to find the best possible solution.

Star Professional Bikefit for Pain or Injury (Road/MTB/Commuter/Track) 90-120 minutes $399

Almost half of our clients come to Star Physio because they are experiencing pain or injury. We highly encourage any cyclists looking for a bikefit because of ongoing niggles and pain to invest in the extra time we allow for the bikefit for injury. An injury does not need to result from a crash, nor be completely debilitating.  If you have pain while cycling, booking a bikefit for injury will give us additional time to fully assess your area of pain, and as well as accounting for it in the bikefit, we will be able to assist you with diagnosis as well as a plan to get it under control long term. The additional time will also allow for additional assessment on the bike using our WA first Dynamic Pressure Analysis which gives us information far beyond what even sophisticated high speed cameras can assess.

It’s aimed at cyclists with a current injury or a history of cycling injuries. It is a one on one fit which involves a comprehensive injury history assessment, musculoskeletal screening and an injury management/ prevention plan based on findings. Please bring any relevant scans or x-rays with you for review. Each session is 1.5- 2 hours long and includes either Gebiomized Saddle Pressure Mapping or Force Pressure and Force Mapping depending on the results from the initial assessment and discussions between you and the physiotherapist.

By simultaneously assessing your movement with our high speed motion analysis in conjunction with pressure mapping technology, we can track responsive changes at the pelvis or even the foot in real time. Triangulating data and information in this way means that we can make more accurate predictions of issues that are causing inefficiency or malalignment. It also means that we can accurately analyse whether a positional change or foot/saddle intervention has resulted in more symmetry and cleaner movement patterns. This is great for the Star Physio technician but also good for the client’s confidence that issues have been objectively as well as subjectively improved. Call 08 9481 1003 to book a professional bike fitting for injury today.

Hip flexibility during a Star Physio Bikefit assessment

Star Bikefit for saddle pain and saddle selection 90-120 minutes $399

Includes comprehensive bikefit, saddle pressure management, testing of multiple saddles as required and recommendation of correct saddle.  Also includes 20% discount off a new saddle if purchased from TBE.

Reduce saddle discomfort

Many riders struggle with saddle discomfort, often caused by areas of high pressure as a result of incorrect saddle choice or positioning. Pressure mapping takes the guesswork out of saddle choice, allowing us to accurately measure how pressure is distributed on the saddle to objectively determine which saddle and position will result in the most significant increases in comfort and performance. Moving the saddle just 5mm can result in significant improvements.

Brant showing saddle pressure during a Star Physio Bikefit assessment

Eliminate numbness in saddle area

Numbness affects many cyclists and is often a result of poor saddle choice and position. Our Star Physio analysts use their anatomical knowledge, combined with pressure mapping technology, to choose a saddle, position and advise on a posture which will unload sensitive nerve tissue. This can significantly alleviate and even eliminate numbness issues when riding.

Choose the most appropriate saddle

Most riders would like to improve their cycling performance. Choosing the appropriate saddle can improve stability, economy and alignment. Pressure mapping provides objective feedback about where and how the rider sits, aiding our cycling analysts as they choose a saddle which matches your riding style and encourages good posture, thereby improving muscle activation and economy by reducing extraneous movement.

Position saddle for optimal posture

The potential of many excellent saddles is ruined by poor positioning. As little as 2 degrees of movement can modify poor posture to provide more comfort and better muscle activation. Pressure mapping allows our fitters to make precise adjustments and record their results in order to optimise the riders posture and performance.

CT of saddle pressure after a Bikefit assessment

Bikefit for foot pain/ and or power transfer assessment using Gebiomized foot pressure analysis $399

Includes comprehensive bikefit, foot pressure and force production management, recommendation of correct shoes and cleats.  Also includes 20% discount off  new shoes if purchased from TBE.

Eliminate ‘hot-spots’ in shoes and numb toes

Many riders suffer from ‘hot-spots’ or numb feet when cycling, particularly on longer rides. Previously, many of these riders relied on trial and error, making changes before testing them on longer routes, as the symptoms often take some time to manifest themselves.

Star Physio’s pressure mapping service uses highly sensitive pressure pads within the shoe to immediately identify areas of high pressure and guide appropriate adjustments in shoe selection, footbeds, cleat position or wedge/shimming, in order to improve comfort.

Set up cleats in optimal position

Pressure mapping at the foot is used by our cycling analysts to adjust cleat position for optimal performance. Using our experience working with a wide spectrum of riders, we are able to adjust cleat position according to the riders anatomy, biomechanics and riding objectives; ranging from long-distance comfort to track pursuits.

Set up shoes to optimise pedalling

Shoe and footbed selection can reflect or correct a riders foot, depending on their anatomy and movement patterns. Following a thorough assessment, observation and measurement, our cycling analysts use pressure mapping to objectively determine which shoe and footbed combination will provide optimum comfort and performance.

Assess power transfer and left-right balance

The Gebiomized foot pressure and force mapping system can accurately measure a cyclist’s ability to get power down to the correct part of the foot for comfort, efficiency and power.  It can also assist in finding the most efficient or powerful position on the bike through careful analysis of the pedal stroke and pressure applied through this.

Left and Right foot force

Star Professional Bikefit for Women

Women make up approximately 10% of the cycling population and unfortunately only get this percentage of attention from most bicycle frame and equipment manufacturers! The good news is that things are changing and with female cyclist numbers on the rise, some companies are acknowledging the specific needs and geometry requirements of the ideal female bike. Star Physio have worked with a number of these manufacturers and can help you make sure you are on the right bike, or if required assist in getting some new equipment while you save for the dream bike!

Saddle pain is not specific to the female cyclist but the prevalence is alarmingly high due to the female anatomy v’s saddle interface. In fact, in recent years it was identified that in the British Women’s Cycling Team, saddle pain and sores were the number one reason these professional athletes missed training sessions.

The other issue more prevalent in the female cycling athlete is neck and shoulder pain. As a general rule, females have relatively lower upper body strength than their male counterparts and as such are more susceptible to upper body pain. Correct cycling position and weight distribution is the key to minimise this!

Thankfully, our amazing German partner Gebiomized has developed a saddle pressure analysis system which we use at Star Physio in out West Perth office. This system allows us to accurately assess saddle pressure and stability to maximise you comfort and stability on the saddle which in turn will minimise your risk of saddle pain as well as help keep excessive loads off the upper body. Star Physio are the only bikefitters in Western Australia with this technology.

Using this system we can also help to find the appropriate saddle for you if you are concerned this may be a problem. Please read our section on saddle selection for more information.

 Call 08 92124254 to book a women’s Bikefit session today.

Star Physio Pro-Fit 120-150 minutes $499

Get a fit just like the best in the world, with comprehensive assessment of you biomechanically, including flexibility and strength, saddle pressure and foot force and pressure analysis and testing at multiple power levels with the above and high speed cameras.

This is the fit you need when seconds matter, whether it is to have a crack at a world record, or just to beat your best mate to the coffee shop, you will leave this fit with a great position as well as a wealth of information to get the most out of your body and your bike.

Star Physio work with some of the best in the world who trust us with their body’s as well as their bikes in their quest for Olympic and World Championship Glory.

Emma P and Damian Oldmeadow 300

Bikefit review 30-60 minutes –Road/ MTB/ Track, 60 minutes TT/ Tri bike unless otherwise agreed. ($165-$199)

Bikefitting is often a dynamic process and requires adjustment and adaptation to new positions.  Sometimes you will also be provided with “homework” or exercises to improve pain or maximise potential performance to be incorporated into the ideal position once mastered.

For this reason we may recommend a review a period after the initial fit.

Common times this will be recommended are when the initial fit is conducted with the major goal to ease pain or unload an injury. Often during these fits, the emphasis is on using our combined skills as physios and bikefit professionals

Star Bikefit and advice on purchasing a new bike. 60-90minutes. $299

Due to the dynamic nature of cycling and the many factors that affect how you ride a bike (including flexibility, previous injury, ankle pedalling angle, spine shape), we need to see you on a bike (even your old one or a borrowed one) to give you the best advice. We can then discuss your cycling goals and bike “dreams” and have a look at some good options including sizing and geometry for your ideal bike.

Please book for a professional bikefit after which we will give you a good indication of the measurements and position your new bike should be in. Your shop will be able to set up your new bike for you with the measurements we provide and then we will generally only require a 30minute review for a fine tune once you have settled in.

We love bikes and are generally up with the latest in technology and most bikes on the market. We also have a great network of friends in bike shops who will really look after you once they know you are a Star Physio client!

Junior Discounts

We are proud to have worked with and watched some of the best juniors in the state become some of the best cyclists in the world, including Jessica Allen, Jai Hindley and Robert Power, and our own James Lewin from Triathlon.

A number of these athletes have now joined professional teams and are fully funded and sponsored by other centres (e.g. WAIS) for physio and bikefit services elsewhere but they still choose to trust Star Physio for their bikefit and physiotherapy needs! We think that this is a pretty nice endorsement!

Star Physio appreciates the financial pressures of being a parent to budding cyclists and triathletes.  For this reason we are pleased to offer 10% discount to all riders under the age of 18 at the time of fit.  (Note this is not in addition to any other offers)

Robbie Power on a podium

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