Amount of caffeine in different coffee drinks

how much caffeine is in your coffee?

Coffee dosages in typical coffee drinks.

Athlete or not, coffee is one of the most commonly ingested drinks in the world. Many of Star Physio’s staff and clients take their coffee pretty seriously either for taste, performance or fashion!

Many people do not know how much coffee they need for a “boost”, nor do they know how much caffeine is in their preferred drink.


Performance effects of caffeine.

Coffee has a variety of positive effects on performance both in higher function of the brain with cognition, alertness, memory and more, as well as effects on performance in both aerobic and anaerobic sport.

James Hewitt recently produced a blog post with a nice summary of the amount of caffeine in typical coffee drinks, as well as some evidence as to how much you need for performance effects, and also the potential downsides.

The summary of amount of caffeine required for effect is in the table below, but for more detail check out James’ blog and other interesting articles.

For non drug related performance enhancement, contact the experts from Star Physio!!!

How much coffee do I need?

Dosage for effect on performance by caffeine

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