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If you’re suffering from pain, looking for ways to speed up your recovery or just wanting to prevent injuries from occurring in the future, take a look at our videos for pain relief, injury prevention and faster recovery below.

At Star Physio we have staff members who hold PhDs in their field of expertise, others who are current or former competitive athletes and others again who have 20+ years of experience training and treating elite athletes. All of our staff members have valuable information to share and often appear at national and international conferences. Check out our YouTube channel to for more practical advice, training videos and information seminars.

BikeFit Seminar Videos

Bikefit is an important service for cyclists to improve the efficiency and comfort of their ride. But a rider who has had their bike professionally fitted also has an edge over their competitors in terms of injury prevention – especially prevention of injuries like Achilles tendon pain, lower back pain, joint pain and overuse injuries, all of which can be prevented with correct positioning on the bike. Let our experts explain:

Volleyball Advice with Tara

Injury prevention is especially important for people playing sports at any level, whether for a social club or world championship. Watch as former professional international Volleyball player Tara West and Australian Women’s Volleyball Team physiotherapist Alex Chia demonstrate Theratube/Theraband exercises for injury prevention in the shoulders. These exercise are ideal for people who commonly suffer from shoulder pain as they strengthen the muscles to prevent pain.

For more free videos like these please check out our YouTube Channel.

Advice for Pain Relief

Gaining muscle strength and flexibility’s really important in injury prevention. But sometimes life gets in the way of training and this is when injuries can occur. A common injury in people over 30 is pain in the calf muscle after running. When an injury like this occurs, there are things you can do for quick pain relief as well as ongoing injury prevention for the future. Listen to one of our experts explain the pain relief process:

Exercise with Cues

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