High Speed Motion Analysis


The cornerstone of any detailed physiotherapy assessment in sport is high speed motion analysis. This allows us to review movement in slow motion to accurately identify positional faults or movement discrepancies which may be related to pain or an increased risk of injury, and to assist is in adjusting your bike to the best possible position.

Our high speed cameras operate at 60 Frames Per Second which is twice the rate of Retul and BG fitting systems. This means we don’t miss important details when making decisions about your analysis and bikefit. Run through our Gebiomized data analysis system, we can then accurately measure your position and critical angles and show you the changes as they happen, assisting you in achieving the best possible position to reach your exercise goals, keep healthy, and minimise the risk of injury.

James' knee angles during a Star Physio Bikefit session

Power Based Bikefitting with Adjustable Incline

There is not much point having you in a comfortable position while riding at 50 Watts, when your race load is 220 Watts, or if your pain only comes on when riding at high intensity uphill! On a bike your body is supported at the saddle, the feet and the hands +/- forearms. The harder you push the pedals, the less load is on the saddle and your hands. Using our Wahoo Kickr we are able to set a load appropriate to your riding for accurate assessment of your position and issues related to power output and high muscle demand..

You may only get knee pain when riding hard or low back pain while climbing steep hills. We need to reproduce these parameters during your physiotherapy consultation and bikefit to accurately identify the cause of your discomfort.

In addition to load adjustment, we can also change the incline of the bike on our custom made bikefit platform and then combine this with our High Speed Motion and Pressure Analysis to get the full picture and accurately adjust your bike.

Kate Luckin on an incline during a Star Physio Bikefit session

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