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Welcome to Star Physio’s news section. Here we provide a range of articles and tips on preventing, and recovering from, injury.

Post-Op Rehab for Seniors

Surgical procedures for the elderly are becoming more common, especially knee replacement and hip replacement operations. While people are staying fitter and active for longer than they used to, the aches and pains of growing older are still a major challenge. Elderly... read more

Post Injury Running Shoes – Our Top Picks

It can be frustrating for a runner to be sidelined with an injury. The act of running places considerable stress on the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments – even the most experienced and efficient runners see loads of 2.5-3x their body weight going through the... read more

Common Surgeries that Require Physiotherapy

Unfortunately, the success of your orthopaedic surgery will not immediately appear after leaving the operating theatre. A skilfully conducted surgical procedure is but the first step towards a full recovery. Physiotherapy is a crucial part of the recovery process and... read more

How Much is Too Much Cycling?

Is there such a thing as too much cycling? If you’re a super keen rider, you might think it’s impossible to be out on the road or track too much. But overtraining can be a very real problem for cyclists, whether you’re just starting out, or are an experienced rider.... read more

Recovering from Common Cycling Injuries

Unfortunately, as with all sports, injuries are a reality for many cyclists. While cycling is an excellent low impact cardio workout, riding can lead to wear and tear on the body. Today, we’ll look at 3 of the most common cycling injuries: Knee pain Lower back... read more

Tips for Handling Long Rides

About to set off on your first long ride? Long rides are one of the true joys of cycling, but it’s important to take your time before throwing yourself into the deep end. To help you feel more prepared, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to handling long bike... read more

4 Reasons To Take Up Cycling

People all over the world love cycling! It is a good form of regular exercise as well as an alternative option for the daily commute. Cycling has many physical and mental health benefits for individuals, as well as being better for the environment, easy to do... read more

Jumper’s Knee – What Is It and How Can I Fix It?

The team at Star Physio has seen a lot of clients with jumper’s knee over the years. We shed some light on this overuse injury, common among volleyball and basketball players. What is Jumper’s Knee? Patellar tendinopathy, commonly known as jumper’s knee, is an... read more

Good Habits for Eliminating Chronic Back Pain

At some point or another, almost everyone experiences acute back pain in their lifetime. It’s not a pleasant experience, but the good news is that in most instances, back pain can be relieved quickly with the help of a physiotherapist who can also help you prevent... read more

9 Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can stem from a variety of sources. Some of the most common include: 1. Overuse “Overuse injury” is an umbrella term for many conditions that stem from prolonged or suddenly-increased repetitive exercises. For example, prolonged mouse use could lead to... read more

Key Strength Exercises for Cyclists and Triathletes

Integrating strength training into your training regime is crucial for cyclists and triathletes who wish to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. While cycling, running and swimming alone will improve your aerobic fitness and maintain your performance... read more

Back pain? No such thing as a slipped disc

In technical terms, there is no such thing as a slipped disc. When you hear the term “slipped disc” used, you can almost certainly be sure they’re talking about a herniated disc or a bulging disc.  What is a Spinal Disc? Spinal discs are stationary parts of the body.... read more

Beginner bike mistakes to avoid

At first glance, starting out on a bike for the first time seems easy – all you need is yourself, some comfortable clothing and the bike, right? Well… Sort of. Cycling actually has a lot more to it than you might think. While you might not see it at first glance, all... read more

The right way to treat tendonitis

At Star Physio, we’re proud to have two members of staff who have received Doctorates for their research into tendinopathy. Doctors James Debenham and Merv Travers have published research in Achilles Tendinopathy in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport.  We... read more

Causes and treatment of ITB syndrome

The term ITBS gets thrown around a lot in the sporting community, but it’s come to be misused as a kind of umbrella term for knee injuries. There are a lot of common misconceptions surrounding ITBS, or iliotibial band syndrome, which can lead to home treatments doing... read more

The Science (and Art) of Tapering- Star Physio

Tapering for the UWCT! (…and any other event for that matter!) With Brett Buist, Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist, Star Physio Tapering is the training period just before an event where your training load is reduced to ensure peak performance. The challenge... read more

The Importance of Improved Fitness Levels

Fitness is a term describing the body’s ability to utilize oxygen relative to a person’s body size and composition. Fitness levels are affected by the body’s cardiorespiratory (heart and lungs) system, the musculoskeletal (muscles and bones) system and also by our... read more

Women Who Tri

If you attended the Women Who Tri Seminar on the 20 January and would like to view the presentation by our very own Kate Luckin (triathlete, physiotherapist and bike fit specialist), the presentation is available by clicking on the following link:... read more

Strength Training and Weight Loss

Over time I have heard so many myths about strength work in females, many of which stem simply from miseducation. The benefits associated with strength work are numerous, some of which include: – Preventing bone loss and improvement in bone density... read more
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