Pilates for small groups in Perth

Small, Personal and Quality Pilates Lessons

pilates & conditioning

Just as a tree needs a strong trunk to support its branches, so too does the human body.​

The pilates method is a set of principles and movements targeted at the body’s area of core stability – around the abdomen and back.

Incorporating floor work done on a mat and resistance equipment (reformer), Pilates aims to improve strength, flexibility, posture and coordination.  It combines awareness of the spine, proper breathing techniques, and strength and flexibility training to achieve stronger muscles.

At Star Physio, we look after the physiotherapy for some of Perth’s most elite sportsmen and women, including players of The West Coast Eagles, The Australian Volleyball Team and many other national and international athletes.

This gives you:

  • Pilates classes designed by advanced health professionals
  • Exercises and stretches that optimise your body’s health
  • A private setting for small groups to learn, not a large room of 15+ people
  • One on one coaching available also

Because it works on the torso, it is often used to help people overcome back pain, but it is also becoming popular with those wanting to change their body shape. To ensure you receive personalised attention, tailored to your fitness level and ability, we offer both small group training and one-to-one coaching.  bookings are required, so please contact us to arrange one-to-one coaching.


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