Jai Hindley in the “Maglia Rosa”.

$50 off Pink Bikefit Special!

To celebrate Jai Hindley’s historic Giro D’Italia victory, and the winner’s “Maglia Rosa” or Pink Jersey, Star Physio are offering a special winter offer of $50 off all full priced professional bikefits!

… but there is a catch…

To receive your $50 off, you must wear or use something pink, and let us share a pic of you on our social media! We promise it will be a flattering photo or if you prefer a non-identifying one! It could be a pink jersey or knicks, pink socks, a pink water bottle or even a pink handkerchief if that is the best you can do!

With the cold and wet weather around us, what better time to get your cycling injuries and niggles under control and dial in your perfect position on the bike with a Star Physio Professional Bikefit?

Whether you are a commuter, road cyclist, mountain or gravel biker or triathlete, Star Physio can help you!

Star Physio are proud to be the official Health and Fitness partner and sponsor of the MACA Cancer 200 ride and look forward to helping MACA and the Perkins institute raise much needed funds for cancer research, as well as our ongoing sponsorship of WestCycle and Triathlon WA. We are proud to work with cyclists from junior to veteran and from amateur to the best in the world!

Check out this video of Jai at Star Physio as we celebrate his amazing achievement!

Why get a bikefit?

Are you getting knee pain? Back pain? Hand Numbness? Saddle Pain or numbness? If so, a Bikefit with a physiotherapist using the World’s Best Bikefit Technology is what you need!

Star Physio is the only group in Australia to offer the full range of Gebiomized Force and Pressure Analysis technology with options to assess stability and pressure at the saddle, the feet, and the hands along with high-speed camera analysis in the hands of experienced physiotherapists, who are all cyclists as well!

Check out this bikefit video of what we do at Star Physio!

Between now and the 31th August 2022, come for a bikefit and enjoy a $50 discount on the normal cost of a fit, as well as your follow up fit a heavily discounted down to just $99 just by wearing pink and letting us share a pic of you! That’s a saving of around $150, and all appointments are eligible for Private Health rebates as they are extended physiotherapy consultations.

Note, $99 follow up fit offer is valid for one bike, for up to 16 weeks after your initial fit. For additional bike reviews, add $75/bike.

Just let us know that you have read about this deal, come in pink and we will look after you with your special price!

Star Physio have some of the most highly qualified and experienced bikefit professionals in Australia, using the best bikefit technology available on the planet! This is not your average bikefit!

Book Your Bikefit by calling 64249578 or book online now! Click HERE! 

For more information, click to check out more info on

Saddle Pain – https://starphysiowa.com.au/are-you-getting-saddle-pain-while-cycling/

Indoor Trainer Cycling and Comfort – https://starphysiowa.com.au/indoor-cycling/

Issues with other Bikefit methods and Technology – https://starphysiowa.com.au/bike-refit/

And lots more on Star Physio Bikefit Services – https://starphysiowa.com.au/bikefit/

Bikefit Bookings – Select road/MTB/commuter or TT/Tri or get in touch for multiple bikes! Bikefit Bookings




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