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Physio & Rehabilitation

If you need physiotherapy to speed up your recovery or just maintain your body’s optimum health, we can help. Our Perth physiotherapy and rehabilitation services have extended to some of Australia’s best sportspeople, and served in every Olympic campaign since Sydney 2000. Whether you’ve suffered an injury, are looking for pain relief or want to get your body working at its full potential, we make sure you get the Star treatment. Call us on 08 6424 9578 or visit our physiotherapy and rehabilitation pages to find out more about our rehab and physio services in Perth.


At Star Physio we run regular Pilates classes at our three Perth clinics. We work with small, intimate groups so we can cater for each individual client and your unique circumstances. No matter your fitness level, our Pilates classes will help you gain core strength and stability with the help of a qualified clinical Pilates physiotherapist. Pilates are ideal for improving strength, flexibility, posture and coordination as well as relieving back pain and aiding weight loss. Call us on 08 6424 9578 to make a booking or visit our Pilates page to learn more about this service.


Whether you’re a beginner cyclist or riding for Australia, our Bikefit team is equipped to get you set up for a performance-enhancing, comfortable ride. This is one of our most popular services and involves an intensive one on one session with a physiotherapist, you and your bike. Our Bikefit crew will fit your bike to your body to find the most comfortable and efficient riding position. Getting a Bikefit optimises your performance capabilities and minimises the chance of injury. Call 08 6424 9578 to book a Bikefit session to learn more about this unique service.