Special Winter Discount Offer!

It’s cold outside… motivation is low… what better time to get in and see one of our experts to kick start things for you!

DO you have niggles or injuries you are putting up with? Are you uncomfortable on you bike? Are your old orthotics falling apart or do you need your feet and biomechanics reviewed? Do you want your running technique sorted out ready for a big spring? Is it finally time to get serious about your diet and nutrition?

Even better, why not work on some prevention with a great gym and exercise program from on eof our experts. Don’t wait til you’re injured or sore, prevention is always better than the cure!!!

For the rest of winter, Star Physio invites you to enjoy $50 off initial consultations for physiotherapy and podiatry*. This discount applies for new or returning Star clients or for new injuries. Feel free to share this with any friends who you know have been putting up with pain for too long!

In addition enjoy $50 off the below services.

  • $50 off all custom orthotics. This includes the incredible new cycling orthotics. Make an appointment with Julie to see if orthotics are appropriate for you or to review your current devices and take advantage of this offer!
  • Custom Orthotics for walking, running and cycling

  • $50 off Star Physio’s amazing physiotherapy bikefit. For cycling pain, injury prevention and performance. Read more about bikefit here or book your bikefit appointment online now!
  • Star Physio Bikefit for pain relief or performance

  • $50 off Clinical Nutrition. For optimisation pre or post surgery, for weight loss or for general health. Our Clinical Nutritionist – Jemma – uses evidence based treatment and advice from blood test analysis to help you get the best outcomes. Read more about it here or book online.
  • Clinical Nutrition for health optimisation and weight control.

  • $50 off running analysis. For injury management or prevention, to help you run more efficiently or to find your best running shoes, book a running assessment and don’t forget to read Julie’s Running Shoe article here!
  • Running Analysis for injury prevention, management or speed!


*Offers valid for new appointments from now until the 31st August 2024. Discount is off full price, not in conjunction with other offers except referral vouchers.One $50 discount per service only. That is you may use the discount once for physio, once for podiatry, once for bikefit etc, but not more than once for the same treatment type. Please mention this offer prior to paying your account to receive the discount. Offer not available for appointments with Damian Oldmeadow

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