Your Treatment and Fee Structure

Which Physiotherapist should I see?

At Star Physio, all of our physiotherapists have expertise in treating all areas of the body. We invest heavily in our ongoing education through attending courses and conferences nationally and internationally to ensure that we are up to date with the latest evidence and information, so that you know that you are receiving the best possible care. A number of our staff have high level qualifications, including PhDs and are involved in research and teaching locally and overseas. When you choose Star Physio for your care, you know that you are going to receive the best possible care. As many of our new patients realise, not all physiotherapists are the same!

Some of our therapists have specific skills and areas of interest. When appropriate, we take a collaborative approach and your treating therapist may recommend that you are reviewed by another member of the Star Team. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and get you back to where you want to be as quickly as possible.

How does our fee structure work?

Our physiotherapists have varying degrees of experience and additional training and this is reflected in our fee structure. Your consultation fee is charged in accordance with the physiotherapist you see and the length of the consultation. Call our friendly administration staff and ask who you should see to get the best possible outcome.

How long will my consult be?

Our initial consultation is 40 minutes in duration (30 minutes for Directors) except for physiotherapy bikefit and requested extended consultations. Consultant Physiotherapists Dr James Debenham and Dr Merv Travers’ initial consultation is 60 minutes, and standard is 30 minutes. Read more about this below.

Standard consultations for most of our physiotherapists are 20 minutes, which is 33% longer than the industry standard. Your therapist may recommend a long (30-40 minute) or extended (60 minute or more) consultation for your next visit.

Dr James Debenham (PhD)  and Dr Merv Travers (PhD) are internationally recognised experts in physiotherapy. They are involved in ongoing research and teaching both in Perth and internationally. James’ particular area of expertise is overuse and chronic injuries including managing athletes back to sport after long term injury. He completed his PhD in tendonitis and tendinopathy treatment. Merv is internationally recognized in the areas or tendon pain, chronic pain and strength and conditioning for rehabilitation and performance. Both Merv and James have limited availability at Star Physio and their role is to deal with complicated cases in their area of expertise. As such, their initial consultation is 60 minutes, and standard consultation is 30 minutes to allow further time for complicated cases, and their fees reflect his time and their expertise.

Why have longer consultations

Longer consultations may be recommended in complicated cases, or if extensive assessment, treatment and recommendations are required. These are most commonly used in chronic injuries where a tailored rehabilitation program is required. Longer consultations may also be recommended when treating multiple areas of the body, rather than asking you to come back for separate appointments on separate days. Longer consultations also allow us to perform complicated assessments and interventions such as with our physio bikefit, running assessment consultations, or athlete injury prevention screenings.

Physiotherapy Consultation Structure

Consultant Physiotherapists: Dr James Debenham (PhD), Dr Merv Travers (PhD)
Star Physio Directors:  Damian Oldmeadow, Nigel Travers (PhD Candidate), Dr Nardia Klem (PhD), Dr Kevin Wernli (PhD)
Senior Physiotherapists: Alex Chia, Tara West (PhD Candidate), Steve Jeffries, James Lewin, Julie Pham (Pod and Physio)
Star Physiotherapists: Dan Davis, Aaron Tay
Massage Therapist: Cassy 
Bikefit: Damian Oldmeadow, James Lewin, Dan Davis. Check out
Running Analysis: Dan Davis, James Lewin, Julie Pham. Go to

Please call our friendly staff or send an email if you have any queries on who you should see.