A scientific approach to food intake.

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition is a scientific approach to optimising food intake, which might be for weight loss, pain reduction or for optimising outcomes during and after surgery. It also includes dietary analysis and advice for athletes for optimal recovery, performance and injury prevention.

Jemma Watson has over 20 years experience in the health industry with double degrees in both Clinical Nutrition and Physiotherapy. She has worked assisting a wide range of patients from clients trying to reduce weight to those looking to improve athletic performance, and her particular area of passion, pre and post surgical optimisation.

Jemma has worked closely with orthopaedic surgeons in London and Perth and will continue to do so from our West Perth and Mosman Park offices.


Clinical Nutrition for Surgical Optimisation.

Physical and physiologically screening and optimisation for better surgical outcomes.

Jemma has combined clinical nutritional medicine with musculoskeletal physiotherapy to create a pre-op optimisation program for orthopaedic patients.  The program offers physical and physiological screening and optimisation for better, faster post-operative outcome with lower surgical risk.

Optimise physical outcomes

  • mitigate loss of lean muscle mass
  • faster and greater gains in function, mobility, strength

Minimise physiological stress and risks of surgery

  • identify and address metabolic risk factors
  • correct nutrient deficiencies that contribute to recovery
  • pre and post op feeding protocols to minimise hyperglycaemia and loss of lean muscle, modulate inflammation
  • mitigate side effects of pain meds,
  • macro and micronutrients to optimise rehab

Psychological support

  • by educating patients on their injury and how they can optimise the outcomes throughout their recovery

Clinical Nutrition Program

Initial Appointment – 60min, Fully private health rebateable

  • Comprehensive physiotherapy and body composition screen
  • Forms given for 3-day dietary/exercise/sleep analysis
  • Fully rebateable blood testing of key factors

Follow up appointment(s) – 30-60minutes Fully private health rebateable

  • Dietary and blood analysis,
  • Pre-op plan and recommendations – diet, supplements, exercise
  • Ongoing monitoring and retesting as indicated
  • Post op appointment for gut health and fuelling for rehab

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Clinical Nutrition for weight loss and joint pain.

Did you know that just a reduction in 2.5% of body weight can give relief from painful weight bearing joints such as hips, knees and lower back. Clinical Nutrition can assist you to understand your food intake and the key areas to improve your diet to reduce weight while maintaining energy, optimising metabolic health and correcting nutrient deficiencies.

Dietary analysis combined with analysis of blood test results will help you to get a clear picture of what you need to do to optimise your health.

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Nutrition for exercise and performance!

Clinical Nutrition for Life and Exercise.

Do you know how much you should be eating and drinking while training for fitness and performance? How do maintain muscle mass and bone health while increasing training loads and hours while keeping lean? Good nutrition is one of the key pillars to athletic performance but is commonly overlooked and particularly in endurance sports such as triathlon and running, poor nutrition is a key factor in bone stress injuries.

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