Upper Body Exercises

Shoulder Pendulum
Push Up Progression
External Rotation
Elbow and Wrist Range of Motion
Tricep Press
Y Press
Passive/Assisted Shoulder Flexion
Reverse Shoulder Fly
Floor Press
Shoulder Strength Routine
Shoulder Front Raise
Assisted Shoulder Flexion with Broomstick
Supine Assisted Shoulder Flexion
Weighted Push Up
Pull Up Under Bar
Theratube Shoulder Routine 1
Theratube Shoulder Routine 2
Theratube Shoulder Routine 3
Theratube Shoulder Routine 4
Theratube Shoulder Routine 5

Lower Body Exercises

Hip Routine 1
Hip Routine 2
Hip Routine 3
Hip Routine 4
Hip Routine 5
Hip Routine 6
Hip Routine 7
Hamstring and Hip Routine
Fitball Hamstrings and Hips
Knee Routine 1
Knee Routine 2
Knee Routine 3
Knee Routine 4
Knee Routine 5
Knee Routine 6
Hip and Knee Routine
Foot and Ankle Routine 1
Foot and Ankle Routine 2
Achilles Tendon Program

Core and Back Exercises

Ab Routine 1
Ab Routine 2
Ab Routine 3
Back Pain Relief 1
Back Pain Relief 2
Neck Pain Relief