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Gebiomized saddles at Star Physio

Cobra 9 Orthotics

Are Gebiomized saddles the best saddles on the planet? We certainly think so!!! Combined with the incredible footbeds from Cobra 9, Star Physio have a range of extras to help you get the most out of your cycling, whether it be for recreation, chasing a PB or a World Record!

Get in contact with the clinic either by phone on 64249578 or email us here if you would like to buy a saddle or footbeds! We ship Australia Wide via Express Post for just $15.

Of course, for the full experience to make sure you are on the best possible saddle and the ideal footbeds, with the best possible riding position, we always recommend booking a bikefit with one of our experts. Book your bikefit online now – for road, gravel, track and MTB click here and for TT/Tri/pursuit or clip on bars click here!

Read on below for more info about these amazing products!


Bike Saddles from Gebiomized at Star Physio!

Star Physio carry the full range of cycling saddles from Gebiomized, as used by many of the top cyclists and triathletes in the world.  Star Physio are long term partners of world leading bikefit and cycling technology group Gebiomized.  They have revolutionised bikefit through their unique pressure analysis system, which our expert physiotherapists use every day in our bikefit studio.

Saddle Pressure Map

With the analysis of over 50000 saddle pressure “maps” and the frustration of the many poor saddle options on the market, Gebiomized have embarked on producing a unique range of high end saddles for road, mountain, track, gravel and tri/TT applications with a range of shapes, widths and cutouts to fit even the most challenging body across all types of cycling and riding positions.

These saddles are now trusted by some of the best cyclists and triathletes in the world including Chris Froome formerly from Team Sky, World class mountain bikers, track cyclists and triathletes. In fact in 2022, the Gebiomized Stride saddle was used by more pro triathletes at Kona than any other saddle! Pretty impressive for a saddle that has only been on the market for 3 years!



The Saddle Range

The Gebiomized range of saddles come in a wide range of widths, from 135mm to 155mm with different shapes and densities to suit different shape and sized cyclists, as well as differing positions, flexibilities and riding styles.

Check out the full range of Gebiomized saddles here, you might recognise our Managing Director Damian Oldmeadow featured on the page!

Gebiomized Stride Triathlon and TT Saddle

Sleak, Area and Valid Saddles cost $299 and the amazing Stride TT and Triathlon Saddle costs $320. All saddles are made with premium materials and include titanium rails to keep the strong and light! If your saddle purchase is during a bikefit, you also get a 14 day money back or exchange guarantee on your saddle if you return it to us in perfect condition.

How do I know if I need a new saddle?

Don’t forget though, that 80% of saddle discomfort is actually caused by poor bikefit, not the saddle. Most of our clients that come in to the clinic find that once we position their saddle correctly for their body shape, flexibility and riding requirements that their current saddle usually works perfectly. Sadly, many of these clients have already been fitted using systems such as Retul and Specialized systems that are unable to assess pressures and loads at the saddle. Read more about saddle comfort in this article!

Get in contact with the clinic either by phone on 64249578 or email us here if you would like to buy a saddle! We ship Australia Wide via Express Post for just $15.

Bikefit! Stop guessing – get a fit with the only system that assesses what you cant see!

Of course, for the full experience to make sure you are on the best possible saddle (which may well be the one on your bike now!) and in the best possible riding position, we always recommend booking a bikefit with one of our experts. Book your bikefit online now – for road, gravel, track and MTB click here and for TT/Tri/pursuit or clip on bars click here!


Gebiomized Saddle Range at Star Physio

Custom Footworks Cycling Orthotics at Star Physio

Book an appointment with Julie our cycling physio and podiatrist to see if these are the best option for you! email us here!

Do you experience foot discomfort while riding?

Do you experience numbness or ‘hot spots’ while riding?

Do you wear orthotics in your running shoes and have been struggling to squeeze them into your cycling shoes?

Do you want to feel the power transfer through to the bike?

Have you considered cycling orthotics? Are you currently using off the shelf inserts and are wondering if they are as good as it gets? Do you get foot pain or numbness? Have you got the ideal foot-pedal interface for efficient power transfer while cycling?

The team at Star Physio are constantly working to find the best possible solutions for our clients! We help you to get pain and niggles under control, prevent injuries and maximise comfort and performance in whatever you do. Cyclists and triathletes often ask us about shoe inserts.

Why we use insoles in cycling shoes?

The foot was not designed for cycling. It tends to distort and twist through the pedal stroke due to the mid-foot movement required for walking. In addition when cycling we tend to mainly load the forefoot region. As shoes have become stiffer and ride distances have increased, the potential for high forefoot pressures to cause burning and pain has also increased.

Our cycling insoles have been designed to spread the load over a larger surface area whilst not squishing the foot into your shoe. Loads of what we want – pressure spread. None of what we don’t – tight fitting crampy shoes!

Hot Spots, Neuromas and Numbness

These are some of the common issues we see in our cyclists every day. While they are often multi-factorial in their cause, the foot-pedal interface is the primary area of interest when cyclists complain of these problems. Cycling orthotics and shoe inserts are a common intervention for treatment of these issues. Until recently we have been limited in our ability to offer high quality custom cycling orthotics, designed specifically for cycling and triathlon to our clients.

Foot pain or numbness is commonly caused by areas of high pressure within the cycling shoe. The correct orthotic can help to evenly distribute the forces applied during cycling through the forefoot to reduce peak pressures. At the same time it improves comfort and foot/pedal contact.

Traditional Cycling Orthotics

In the past, most of the research in orthotics has been based on walking and running. This information has been pushed into cycling orthotics. Walking and running both require pronation to assist with shock absorption, then supination to create a rigid push off for lower limb propulsion. This does not happen in cycling

Spin Cycling Orthotics by Footwork

In September, the Star Physio team invited Footwork Podiatry Lab founder and podiatrist (and former elite cyclist!) Artur Maliszewski to Perth. We reviewed and learned about the new Spin Cycling Orthotics. Through much research and working with some of the best cyclists in the World, Artur has developed a unique cycling orthotic design.

This shoe insert provides support from the rearfoot and posterior medial longitudinal arch to lock the foot under power. This provides a stable position for optimal power transfer. A common misconception is that only the forefoot contact matters in the foot/pedal interface in cycling. By stabilising the whole foot, these unique orthotics maximise input to the pedal by reducing the “buckling” under load of the ankle.

This is combined with a gentle metatarsal dome to unload pressure in the forefoot. All of this is built into a custom made stiff, strong and lightweight orthotic built thin, to fit comfortably in your cycling shoe.

Custom 3D Prescription by a Podiatrist

The most important part of a good orthotic or shoe insert, whether it be for walking, running or cycling is the correct prescription. Our podiatrists will assess your foot to determine the right level of control and support you require. Specific modifications related to your pain or foot structure will also be integrated.

You will then be 3D scanned using state of the art technology that Star Physio have invested in to help our clients get an exceptional product.

Finally, we take information about your cycling shoes. Each device is custom adjusted to work ideally with your favourite shoe as each shoe has certain nuances. You will still be able to use your orthotic across other shoes, but for the best possible fit, we will have your orthotic optimised for your favourite shoe.

Benefits of Custom Cycling Orthotics

Research is currently underway on these fantastic devices. As health professionals our first priority is helping people ease and prevent pain and injury, but we also love to help our clients perform to their best. Potential benefits of custom cycling orthotics include

  • Ease hotspots, metatarsalgia and neuroma pain
  • Reduced numbness in feet
  • Reduced knee pain
  • Improved comfort in feet in cycling
  • Better foot/shoe/pedal interface
  • Improved power transfer
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved performance!



Footbeds by Cobra 9 at Star Physio

Call the clinic on 64249578 to order your Cobra 9 Footbeds or use the email us here!

Star Physio are proud to be the exclusive partners of Cobra 9 orthotics in Western Australia. Designed by cyclists, for cyclists with the technology and expertise of experienced cycling podiatrists, COBRA9 cycling orthotics are designed to fit the shape and internal structure of the cycling shoe. Our mission is to make your shoes better! Standard orthotics are bulky, use unnecessary additions and fill the cycling shoe leaving your foot cramped, numb and painful.

Light and stiff (Maximum strength, Minimal flex)

We use twill and mono directional carbon fibre that is no more than 1mm thick.


We use a 3mm dual density water resistant EVA foam wrapped around your lightweight carbon shell.

How to choose which Cobra9 SemiPro is suitable for me?

Foot pain analysis and treatment at Star Physio

At Star Physio we carry the full range of the Cobra 9 “test fleet” of orthotics which you can assess while riding during your bikefit. If foot pain is you main issue, we can use our Gebiomized Foot Pressure Analysis to show you the changes, however if you are just looking for a great insole to help you get the most from your cycling, you can buy direct from Star. Check out the info below. Cobra 9 SemiPro orthotics cost $150 and may receive a private health fund rebate if purchased as part of your podiatry treatment

For more complicated issues we also have an experienced podiatrist at Star Physio who can work with you to provide custom insoles for you bike. You can make an appointment with our Podiatrists here, or read more about them here.

Low Arch Profile SemiPro (Black Colour) – Suitable for cyclists with flat/low arches with significantly low foot flexibility (feet remain flat even when non weight bearing or when doing a calf raise).

Medium Arch Profile SemiPro (Red Colour) – Suitable for low arch feet that are flexible (the arch lifts when non weight bearing or during a calf raise). Also suitable for normal arch profile feet with normal foot flexibility.

High Arch Profile SemiPro (Blue Colour) – Suitable for high arch feet and medium arch feet that are flexible.


Cobra 9 SemiPro

More about the Cobra 9 SemiPro


The Cobra9 SemiPro is a semi rigid orthotic device designed specifically for cycling use. The varied contours and lengths available make it the obvious choice for the cyclist who wants a custom fitted cycling orthotic solution. They are made from dual density EVA foam wrapped around a contoured carbon fibre core. The Cobra9 SemiPro is light weight and space friendly yet durable enough to satisfy the most demanding cycling pursuits.

Biomechanical support

Cobra9 SemiPro provides direct mechanical force to the sole of the foot through the pedal stroke. The SemiPro shape has been designed to ensure the most comprehensive surface area for load distribution across varying foot types.

The shaping of the carbon fibre inner core allows loading under the entire foot including the arch to ensure we redistribute peak forefoot pressure and alleviate hot spots.

Carbon Fibre Inner Core

The heart of the SemiPro is a carbon fibre inner core that provides the structural backbone of the device. The inner core is light (10grams) yet stiff enough to deliver effective load for a more comfortable pedalling stroke.

The shape of the inner core has been meticulously designed with the pressures of cycling in mind. The pressure applied to the plantar surface of the foot works in conjunction with the shape of your cycling shoe to improve foot function. The narrow heel cup avoids bulking out your cycling shoe and while the carbon fibre inner core is stiffer and lighter then the foam/plastic competitors offerings available, there is still adequate flex to ensure comfort.

Dual Density Topcover

The Cobra9 SemiPro is wrapped in 2 layers of EVA foam. The upper layer is a lower density foam suitable for cushioning but with excellent resilience. The bottom layer which wraps around the fibre inner core is a higher density EVA foam designed to provide longevity. This sandwich of EVA foam around the carbon shell helps bed the Cobra9 SemiPro into your shoe.

Keeping the EVA bulk to a minimum helps keep the overall weight of the Cobra9 SemiPro to a minimum.


The Cobra9 SemiPro has been designed for further customisation. Adhesive domes may be added for further load redistribution in the forefoot. Because the shell is strong and semi-rigid, all additions to the base SemiPro will generate a far more prolific impact to the cyclist.

Wearing in instructions

When using your Cobra9 SemiPro devices for the first time, ensure that you go for a short easy coffee ride. Do not use an indoor trainer or rollers initially. Too much continuous pedalling at the start of your Cobra9 SemiPro journey is not advised. Allow 2-3 easy rides to settle into your SemiPro set up. Once this has been achieved, increase your distances gradually for the next 2-4 weeks. After this time, if you haven’t fully settled into you SemiPro devices, contact either or your authorised Cobra9 retailer for further advice or modification.

Care for your SemiPros

We have spent many long hours ensuring your SemiPros wear as hard as you ride. Wash them if you want to but otherwise, abuse them! Don’t heat them or wash with solvents. You are freely able to transfer you SemiPros between shoes. Your SemiPros come with a 12 month warranty for structural defects.

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