Achilles tendon expert James at work

Achilles tendon expert James at work

Elite Athlete Care FOR EVERYONE! Do you always wonder why professional athletes return to sport so quickly after injury? Because they get the best possible physiotherapy treatment from expert physiotherapists using the best and most up to date treatment techniques based on contemporary research, not social media fads and snake oil treatment!

This is what we offer EVERYONE who visits Star Physio, whether you are an elite athlete, wannabe, has been or never will be! The Star Team are experts in their field to give you accurate diagnosis and the right treatment to get you back on track as quickly as possible.

If you need physiotherapy to get rid of your pain and help you function at your best, give us a call. Our highly trained experts work as a team to accurately diagnose your problem and formulate a plan to give you long term results. Our staff includes world leaders in tendon and muscle rehabilitation, sports injury and spinal pain experts and we are proud to have many complicated cases referred to us to solve with our expertise and experience. Whether it be enjoying a pain free weekend in the garden, or competing in the Hawaii World Ironman Championships, we aim to provide the same level of expertise and service to help you reach your personal goals. Star Physio offers comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation programs. We can assist you with such issues as:


  • Back & neck pain
  • Sporting injuries
  • Knee and Shoulder Joint problems
  • Pre & post surgical rehabilitation
  • Headaches, Dizziness and BPPV
  • Motor vehicle accident rehabilitation
  • Work injuries
  • Professional Bike Fit
  • Running analysis for injury and performance
  • Strength and Conditioning for rehab, prevention and performance.

Our evidence based physiotherapy methods


Dry needling treatment

Dry needling treatment

The methods we use at Star Physio in Perth are all clinically proven and evidence based physiotherapy techniques.

Your treatment might include soft tissue therapy and joint mobilisation, dry needling/acupuncture, posture and movement education, guided rehabilitation and exercise routines, and in the case of cyclists, a professional Bikefit.

Your therapist will always explain the technique being used and the results you can expect to achieve.


Our commitment to education


Star Physio Perth is proud to be associated with both Curtin and Notre Dame Universities with a number of our physios actively involved in teaching and research in the Schools of Physiotherapy.

Hands on treatment

Hands-on treatment

In addition, we have a PhD physiotherapist at our clinical and rehabilitation teams as well as post-graduate trained staff.

Our treatment is based on the most recent and evidence based methods to give you the best chance of the fastest and most complete recovery possible. As well as running regular education sessions within the clinic, we attend many major conferences nationally and internationally in our fields of expertise, with multiple members of our staff presenting at these conferences.



Athlete vs non athlete treatment

At Star Physio Perth we are proud to be associated with the many elite and professional athletes who trust us with their care every day. However, we treat a wide range of clients and our doors are always open to athletes and “spectators” alike! We treat every clients in exactly the same way, with a thorough examination, accurate diagnosis, expert treatment and a plan to get you back to where you want to be – whether it’s breaking a world record or enjoying playing with your kids or grandkids pain-free. Our goal is the same for every client: to give you an exceptional physiotherapy experience.

Our tendon pain experts

One of our clients who has overcome tendon pain

One of our clients who has overcome tendon pain

At Star Physio Perth we are well equipped to deal with any musculoskeletal injury, but we are proud to be the industry leaders in research and management of tendon pain and tendon disorders. Tendon pain includes Achilles tendinitis, jumper’s knee, tennis elbow and shoulder tendinitis, to name a few examples.

Our Clinical Director Dr Merv Travers and our Rehabilitation Director James Debenham specifically look at tendon pain, tendon loading and tendon dysfunction and are published in international journals and considered among the best in the world in this field of study. Led by our directors, all of the Star Physio team are extremely well educated in the latest evidence and management techniques of tendon problems, and we pride ourselves on our management of chronic problems where other treatment plans have failed.

If you think there is nothing more that can be done for you tendon pain, give one of our experts a chance to review you – you may be pleasantly surprised to find that there is a way to return to those activities that you thought were a distant memory!


Check out James passing on some of his knowledge on how to begin managing your tendon pain in the video below.

Our occupational health and injury prevention services

Rose Manual Handling

Most of us spend at least 8 hours a day at work, 40+ hours per week. That’s a long time to spend in potentially harmful positions or completing activities incorrectly. It’s therefore vital to look after our bodies during this work time to prevent it leading to painful overuse injuries. The best way to do this is with appropriate education, environment adjustment and improving your body’s ability to handle activities and postures.

Workers Compensation Claims Reduction Services

Are your workers compensation claims rising? Are your workers compensation insurance premiums going through the roof? Get in touch with Star Physio today to discuss how we can help reduce injury risk at work, and how we can help keep your costs and insurance premiums down with the right management of work injuries. Early correct diagnosis and expert management can often stop minor injuries turning into unnecessary expensive claims. Call us today and ask us how.

Ergonomic assessment

An ergonomic assessment and appropriate manual handling training is essential to ensure your work environment and activities are not causing your body harm. An ergonomic assessment looks at how your environment affects your body position. Examples include things like the height of your desk, chair tilt, keyboard and mouse placement and screen height. By looking at all these factors your physiotherapist can ensure your body is in the best position to prevent any injury.

Manual Handling Training

Manual handling refers to any activity or sequence of activities that require a person to use their body to perform work. This can include pushing, pulling, carrying and holding objects, and repetitive or prolonged postures. There are correct and appropriate ways of completing tasks such as these, if completed with the correct technique and strength the risk of injury is greatly reduced. A physiotherapist can train you to perform manual handling in the most biomechanically efficient way possible (such as lifting techniques) to reduce the risk of overuse injuries. 

Site Visits and Risk Analysis

Our physiotherapists are experts at identifying high risk tasks, and helping employers and managers to modify tasks or behaviors to reduce injury risk. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you reduce your injury risks at work.


Another common cause of workplace injury is weak muscles that can’t lift large amounts of weight or hold the body in a position for a period of time. Whether you’re lifting heavy boxes or trying to hold the correct sitting posture at your desk, weak muscles put you at a greater risk of injury. 

Star Physio Perth runs group strengthening classes ideal for preparing the body for work. We can also provide manual handling training and ergonomic assessments to make sure your body and your environment are in prime working condition. Call us on 08 9212 4254 to make a booking at one of our Perth clinics today. Is there something else you need that we don’t have listed here?  We probably do that too – contact us to find out.




Our allied health professionals

We are proud to work closely with some of the best doctors and surgeons in Perth. The close ties we share with these colleagues gives us access to priority appointments and reviews when time is critical. We recommend the following allied health clinics: 

Perth Medical Centre

Perth Medical Centre is conveniently located downstairs from Star Physio’s Hay Street Mall clinic in Perth CBD. We’re pleased to work closely with these great GPs.

Perth Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Centre

Our West Perth clinic is located within the same building as Perth Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Centre on Outram St.

Perth Ortho are Perth’s leading orthopaedic surgeons and have an exceptional group of Specialists who we continue to work closely with. Our relationship spans over 20 years allowing a close association in care for patients requiring pre and post operative care to achieve optimum results.

Our close professional ties also allow Star Physio experts access to priority bookings for our clients when we need access to additional orthopedic or sports medicine expertise. We pride ourselves in knowing what we know, as well as when we need to call on different expertise to assist our patients.


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