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Volleyball Physiotherapy at Star Physio

Did you know that Star Physio and its expert team have sponsored Volleyball Western Australia since 1998! We have a team of volleyball experts including former state and national volleyball team players. These former elite athletes are now trusted with the physiotherapy care of the best players in Australia!

WA and Australian Volleyball Physiotherapists!

Since 1997, Star Physio have provided physiotherapists for State and National Volleyball Teams. Star Physio experts have worked with volleyball at Olympic Games, World Championships, Asian Championships and of course with our state teams in AVSL and National Championships!

Aaron Tay with Australian Volleyball in Thailand

Aaron Tay has travelled interstate multiple times with our State Teams and works at our AVSL matches courtside and with our Perth Steele players. In 2023 was selected as Physiotherapist for the Australian Teams for a development trip to Thailand. Aaron is available in West Perth and Mosman Park. You can book in with Aaron here.

James Lewin is formerly the head Physiotherapist for the WA State Teams and continues to look after many volleyball athletes. Book here to see James.

Dr Tara Binnie (West) PhD is a former Australian Indoor Team Captain, International Beach Volleyball player and Australian Team Physiotherapist. She is currently on maternity leave but continues her involvement at Star Physio. She has published research into volleyball injuries and recently completed her PhD in knee pain.

Most recently Sports Physiotherapist Damian Oldmeadow traveled to Thailand for the 2023 Asian Women’s Championships and he will again travel as Australian Team Physiotherapist to New Zealand for a tournament in August 2024. Damian has worked with Australian Volleyball Teams since 1997 and has been awarded Life Membership to both Volleyball Australia and Volleyball Western Australia for his services to the sport. You can book to see Damo here!

Locally you will see Star Physio staff courtside at the WA Steel matches in the AVSL, as well as at state youth trainings in preparation for National Championships.

Junior and Youth Volleyball Physiotherapy in Perth

Youth Beach Volleyball

Star Physio, and under our previous name Physiotherapy Solutions, have sponsored and worked with our WA State Volleyball athletes since 1998. Star Physio’s Managing Director Damian Oldmeadow returned from working at the Australian Institute of Sport, including as physiotherapist for the Australian Volleyball Teams and knew there was much that he could offer our local athletes.

Over the past 25 years Star Physio have worked, travelled, researched and sponsored our State Volleyball Athletes! We have developed skills in injury prevention and management with an expert team unrivalled in Volleyball Physiotherapy in Australia.

Physiotherapy Volleyball Screening

Elite athletes and coaches all over the world understand that injury prevention is always better than the potential cure. Damian was pivotal in the development of screening programs for our National Volleyball Teams in Canberra. Seeing the incredible success of this program in injury reduction, player availability and performance of our National Teams, Star Physio introduced this to our State Teams.

In 2015, the Volleyball WA High Performance Group agreed that this was a critical part of development in particular of our junior athletes and instigated annual screening as a requirement for all WA Volleyball State Team Youth Athletes, and a recommendation for all other aspiring high performance players. Note, our National Team athletes have at least two screenings per year.

As expected, the results were outstanding! Reduced injury rates, higher player availability for training and competition and improved performance for athletes and teams!

What happens at a Volleyball Physiotherapy Screening?

External Rotation testing with AXIT equipment

Through ongoing education and research into volleyball performance and injury risk reduction, Star Physio have developed a screening protocol based on the demands and requirements of volleyball athletes.

Some of the screening is outlined below:


  • Training and playing load of volleyball and other sporting activities are analysed.
  • Previous injury history is discussed and reviewed
  • Current injury or pain is assessed
  • Key flexibility measures are taken
  • Key strength measures related to injury prevention and performance are taken using accurate dynamometers
  • Additional Performance tests are performed
  • Suggested management of any current issues is discussed
  • An injury prevention program is then provided specifically for the athlete and when appropriate shared with coaches and performance staff.

Typical Volleyball Injuries We Manage

Star Physio are at the forefront of research and evidence in the management of injury and pain, particularly in volleyball injuries. Our staff have published research into volleyball physiotherapy and are THE experts in Perth. The most common injuries seen in volleyball are overuse injuries. Most overuse injuries can be managed, once they are accurately diagnosed, with training modification and exercises. Complete rest is often not required.

Common Volleyball Overuse Injuries

  • Jumper’s knee or patella tendinosis/tendonitis
  • Shoulder pain – impingement or tendonitis
  • Neck Pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Stress Fractures
  • Shin pain/ Shin splints

Acute injuries are less common but must be dealt with by experts ASAP. A correct diagnosis must be made which may require an Xray or Scan. Our expert volleyball physiotherapists can then determine what training, or at a minimum what exercises can be continued during recovery from the injury. Our goal is to keep our players on the court, or at a minimum still involved at training whenever possoble.

Damo thumb taping Tom Edgar after sprain

Volleyball Acute Injuries

  • Ankle sprains and fractures
  • Knee ligament injuries – ACL
  • Finger and thumb sprains/ fractures/ dislocations
  • Shoulder dislocations

Accurate Diagnosis and Management by an Expert Volleyball Physiotherapist!

It is critical to get pain and injury diagnosed early, and the correct information and treatment plan implemented. Sadly, Star Physio see many volleyball players for second opinions after they have been poorly managed or misdiagnosed. This often leads to unnecessary extended periods off the court and deconditioning and in some cases worsening of an injury.

Sadly, many physiotherapists do not update their education and training. Our volleyball staff are not only up to date on the latest evidence and treatment, but we understand and play volleyball too! We also have a close relationship with the Sports Doctors and Orthopaedic Surgeons at Perth Orthopaedics who we share our West Perth office with should additional help be required!

Star Physio taping with Australia Women’s Volleyball Team

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