Our “Bikefit” Physiotherapists.

Professional “Bikefit” is conducted as an Extended Physiotherapy Consultation by Star Physiotherapists Damian Oldmeadow, James Lewin, and Julie Pham. All of our bikefit physiotherapists who conduct extended consultations for bikefitting are avid cyclists, still competing in  a range of events including triathlon, Ironman, mountain bike and road racing.

Star Physio are the Australian Education Partner for Gebiomized, widely regarded as the number one bikefitting group in the world with technology unlike any other Perth Bikefit option. This ensures our bikefit physiotherapists are at the forefront of information and technology to assist you to find your optimal cycling position.

As physiotherapists with additional training in cycling biomechanics and cycling related injuries, they are the ideal people to assist you in finding the best possible position. This can assist in reduction of pain or injury, to allow you to exercise comfortably and maintain a long and healthy life.

These are an important part of our physiotherapy service and our ongoing goals of assisting clients in pain and allowing lifetime exercise to live a long and healthy life. As such, all of our “bikefit” physiotherapy consultations attract private health fund rebates. Call 08 64249578 to book an extended physiotherapy consultation “Bikefit” appointment today or book online.

Damian Oldmeadow

Damian Oldmeadow

Damian Oldmeadow has worked at numerous Olympic Games and has been a trusted bikefit physiotherapist to some of the world’s top cycling and triathlon athletes. These include 6x Olympic Cycling Gold Medallist Sir Chris Hoy, Giro D”Italia winner and Tour De France Yellow Jersey holder Jai Hindley, 3x World Triathlon Champion Peter Robertson, and World Champions Jessica Allen and Emma Pooley. Damian is the Australian Education Partner for Gebiomized, widely regarded as the leading bikefitting company in the world looking after many of the best professional cyclists and triathletes. His interest and passion for cycling and bike fitting has seen him actively working with cyclists, triathletes and mountain bike riders of all levels for over 20 years. Call 08 64249578 or book online for a bike fitting service with Damian.

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Damian Oldmeadow (BSc Physio, MAPA)
  • Australian Olympic Team Physiotherapist
  • Sky British Track Cycling Team Physiotherapist
  • Gebiomized Australian Education Partner
  • WAIS/AIS Physiotherapy Services Provider
  • Clinical Director Star Physiotherapy West Perth, CBD and Mosman Park

For the novice through to the weekend warrior, Damian has provided professional bike fit services in Perth since 1998 currently conducting 10-15 per week with over 400 done in the last twelve months. He considers himself a cycling tragic, having raced at an amateur level on BMX, Track, Road, Mountain Bike and triathlon and worked at a bike shop as a teenager with a current stable of 11 bikes at home (last count!).

At the other end of the continuum, Damian has worked as an AIS physiotherapy provider since 1997 including WAIS and Green Edge/ Australian Team cycling athletes. He has been the British Cycling Team Physiotherapist (Perth based) since 2000, including 6 time Olympic Gold Medalist Sir Chris Hoy. In addition to this he has worked with WAIS and Australian Triathlon including 3 times World Champion Peter Robertson. Damian has travelled the world working as an Australian team physiotherapist for the last 15 years and has worked at three Olympic Games- Sydney, Athens and London. He is a regular lecturer at undergraduate and post graduate university level, as well as for the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Sports Medicine Australia.

Most recently he was a keynote speaker at the Sports Medicine Australia Cycling Symposium. In addition to his international work Damian has worked in private practice for almost 20 years, and has been based in Perth since returning from work at the AIS in Canberra in 1998. He is the principal Physiotherapist and clinical director of Star Physio and was previously a founding partner of Physiotherapy Solutions.

James Lewin

James Lewin

James Lewin is a physiotherapist and qualified exercise physiologist. He is one of Star Physio’s experienced bikefit physiotherapists and has conducted research into the performance and pain relieving effects of bespoke bikefit performed by physiotherapists. He presented this research at the 2016 Sports Medicine Australia Conference in Melbourne and has submitted it for international journal publication. James is physiotherapist to the Australian Triathlon Team, working with many of the best triathletes in the world locally and in Europe each year.

He is a previous WA State Half Ironman Champion and also 2013 WA Triathlete of the year and in 2024 will compete in the World Ironman Championships in Hawaii. He has raced triathlon professionally locally and internationally including for a pro team in Germany, and has dealt with his share of injuries related to cycling and triathlon!  In 2023 he was also a stage winner at the Tour of Margaret River cycling race. His passion is assisting cyclists and triathletes to achieve their ideal position whether for comfortable cruising or high speed racing as well as treating any injuries relating to the bike. Call 08 64249578 or online to book a professional bike fitting service with James.

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James Lewin (BSc Exercise Science, physiotherapy student, professional triathlete)

James has grown up on a bike being involved in elite cycling and triathlon since his early teens. He has been one of the states most accomplished cyclists and triathletes and in 2013 won the state half ironman championship and was awarded WA triathlete of the year. He also has raced professionally in Europe for the German ‘Magic-Sportfood’ Landesliga team in 2011 and 2012.Through his career he has managed to complete a sports science degree and works part time as a triathlon and swimming coach, and has developed specific exercise programs for rehab and prevention of cycling related injuries. Having been affected by different injuries throughout his career he not only understands bikefit for elite performance and speed in both road and time trial/ triathlon cycling, but also how to ensure a comfortable and efficient position. This is critical to help prevent injuries in cycling in the long term to make sure you get the most out of your bike and cycling experience. James has worked closely with Damian for many years first as a patient, and in recent years as a health professional colleague and the two regularly collaborate to ensure that they are abreast with the latest research and information surrounding bikefit to give our clients the best possible fit.

Dr Julie Pham (Physio and Pod)

Julie Pham is a physiotherapist, podiatrist and elite triathlete. She is passionate about helping clients achieve their ideal position on either road, commuter, mountain or triathlon bikes using our amazing gebiomized bikefitting technology. As a female bikefitter, she understands the challenges of finding the ideal position for women in cycling and triathlon, in particular with saddle discomfort, and can assist with saddle issues and saddle selection.

In 2022 Julie qualified for and competed in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. She also competes locally in triathlon and road cycling events including criterium racing and stage races.

Call Star Physio today on 08 64249578 or click the online link to book a bikefit with Julie in our West Perth professional bikefitting studio.

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