Running Injury Prevention and Management

If you’re suffering from pain while running, looking for ways to speed up your recovery or just wanting to prevent injuries from occurring in the future, take a look some of our information and videos for pain relief, injury prevention and recovery .

Star Physio are experts in running injuries and are the trusted physiotherapy partner of the Chevron City to Surf for Activ, as well as for Triathlon WA and the Busselton 70.3 Half Ironman.

Star Physio also offer running analysis using our amazing Gebiomized Pressure Analysis technology combined with high speed video and expert physiotherapist assessment and information. Check out below for more information.

At Star Physio we have staff members who hold PhDs in overuse injuries, tendonitis and tendinopathies as well as current or former competitive athletes and others again who have 20+ years of experience training and treating elite athletes. All of our staff members have valuable information to share and often present at national and international conferences. Check out our YouTube channel to for more practical advice, training videos and information seminars.

Running Seminar Videos

Running is one of the most popular and time and cost efficient forms of exercise on the planet. Sadly, there is a lot of misinformation and myths regarding injury risk, prevention and management. With the right training program, you can safely build up your running with no need to fear injuries or arthritis – in fact, evidence shows that runners who train up to marathon distance are likely to have healthier knees than non-runners!

The unfortunate reality is that many runners do get injured, but commonly with the right diagnosis and advice, you can get back to running soon and continue to enjoy the many benefits that running can bring you, including fitness, weight control, improved mental health and more!

Let our experts explain how you can avoid common injuries such as runners knee, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, calf muscle tears, hamstring tears and more. Check out the videos!

Running Injury Advice with Dr James Debenham (PhD)

What do you do if you get pain or injury while running? Watch this video by one of Star Physio’s directors, and internationally recognised researcher and presenter in overuse injuries Dr James Debenham. Most running injuries are overuse or “under-prepared” injuries. Unfortunately many health professionals including physiotherapists, doctors, chiropractors and more advise runners and triathletes to stop running when they get one of these injuries. We know that with the right diagnosis and specific program, most athletes can continue to train through overuse injuries such as tendonitis and ITB syndrome with some modification.

Check out James’ advice as to how to reduce your load the right way to avoid deconditioning and losing your hard worked for fitness.

For more free videos like these please check out our YouTube Channel.

Advice for Safely Increasing Running Volume

Star Physio’s James Lewin is a former professional triathlete, and still holds one of the fastest ever times for a Western Australian Triathlete for a half ironman triathlon. Following his career in triathlon, James completed dual degrees in physiotherapy and exercise physiology and now uses his education and experience as an athlete to assist athletes of all levels to reach their potential.

Success in running is highly related to the amount of running or “volume” of running you perform. Increasing your running does have significant risk of overuse injuries as well as acute injuries such as calf tears and hamstring tears as well as common issues such as patello-femoral pain.

Watch this next video to learn how to safely increase your running volume.

Running Analysis with World Leading Gebiomized Technology

At Star Physio we are known as the experts when it comes to bike fitting for both injury management and performance through the use of our world-renowned German pressure analysis technology, Gebiomized. When indicated, we implement this same world-class technology as part of our specialist running analysis sessions for performance, injury prevention and management.

Understanding the way in which the body moves on a segmental level, coupled with data collected from our Geobiomized system allows us to break down each phase of movement and analyse it accordingly. By analysing in this manner, it allows clear understanding of individual mechanics, load patterns and performance criteria. Using this system in our running analysis we can accurately measure ground contact time, pressure and load and joint angles through high-speed video capture.

This technology, along with an expert physiotherapy and or podiatry assessment, allows us to implement and prescribe the perfect plan! This can improve performance, resolve current injuries and minimize the risk of others!

We can also use this data to tailor specific footwear recommendations as aligned with current literature and considerations to the specifics of the individual.

Our running analysis sessions are billed for the extended amount of time required to assess, collect, review and implement recommendations from the data. Private health insurance rebates apply for all sessions. Following an appointment, an email will be sent that includes a summary of specific data collected and recommendations. 

These specialist running analysis sessions are targeted at runners of all levels, from first timers to the professional athlete looking to hit peak performance levels.


How can a running analysis session at Star Physio help you prevent injuries or optimise your performance?

  • Identify ‘gaps’ in the system by breaking down each phase of the running cycle
  • Create a clear plan to manage these accordingly.
  • Footwear recommendations and referrals based on objective measures with knowledge from current evidence as well as specific models of footwear.
  • Identification of ‘drivers’ of injury risk as well as a physiotherapy plan to address these.
  • Prescription of specific recommendations to running technique based on findings from high quality data.
  • Comprehensive physiotherapy assessment with appropriate, evidence-based treatment recommendations.


Physiotherapy Running Analysis Options

Physiotherapy Analysis for Performance and Injury Prevention – High Speed Video.

This appointment is recommended for the runner without significant injuries. It will provide an analysis of the body and running technique with recommendations for running efficiency and performance as well as minimising injury risk.

In this session the client will receive a running-specific physiotherapy assessment followed by analysis using high speed motion analysis whilst running at various speeds on a treadmill.

Following the assessment a review of findings related to biomechanics, symmetry and technique will be performed and written recommendations provided.

60minutes. Extended Physiotherapy Consultation. Private health rebates for physiotherapy apply.

Physiotherapy Analysis for Performance and Injury Management: – High Speed Video and Gebiomized Foot Load and Pressure Analysis

Note: West Perth Office Only.

This session is recommended to the athlete who is currently managing an injury or has an extensive injury history. It is also appropriate for those runners that want to know exactly what is happening at ground contact through to push off with loads, forces and contact time analysis.

This running analysis uses the incredible Gebiomized pressure analysis technology giving us information, 200x/second about your foot and shoe interaction on the ground.

Along with our full running analysis technology, this session also includes a comprehensive physiotherapy assessment and appropriate intervention recommendations. Following the assessment a review of findings related to contact points, time, symmetry and technique will be performed and written recommendations provided.

80minutes Extended Physiotherapy Consultation. Private health rebates for physiotherapy apply.


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