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Physio & Rehabilitation

If you need physiotherapy to speed up your recovery or just maintain your body’s optimum health, we can help. Our Perth physiotherapy and rehabilitation services have extended to some of Australia’s best sportspeople, and served in every Olympic campaign since Sydney 2000. Whether you’ve suffered an injury, are looking for pain relief or want to get your body working at its full potential, we make sure you get the Star treatment. Call us on 08 6424 9578 or visit our physiotherapy and rehabilitation pages to find out more about our rehab and physio services in Perth.

Arthritis Pain Relief and GLA:D

Recent research has dramatically changed our understanding and approach to treating osteoarthritis. When we once believed surgery was the only option, we now understand that treatment including education, weight loss and exercise can dramatically reduce pain, improve function and reduce the use of medication, even with severe joint degeneration! Call us on 08 6424 9578 to make a booking or visit our GLAD page to learn more about this service.

Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation!

Star Physio are proud to have worked with the expert surgeons and sports physicians at Perth Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Centre in managing sports and orthopaedic injuries, joint pain and replacements and more over 25 years. Our close relationship allows us to help patients achieve the optimal outcomes through expert pre-operative exercise, Clinical Nutrition pre and post op and evidence based, graduated post operative rehabilitation with ongoing communication with your surgeon.

Many physiotherapists do not have the expertise or experience to help you to achieve the optimal outcome following your surgery. Trust the experts at Star Physio!