​Returning to exercise in Spring.

Star Physio’s Nigel Travers keeps on running!!!

It is fantastic to see so many Perth people starting to get out and about again as our weather improves and the days grow longer again. Check out our top tips and things to consider when returning to exercise or building up again after a winter hiatus!

How much has your fitness or strength diminished?

Strength maintains pretty well over a break, but fitness and “spring” or our bounce and elasticity can drop off quickly. Check out this article by Steve Jeffries on strength decay and read on for more top tips!

Have you put on weight?

Most exercise is a power to weight ratio game, and particularly if walking or running, any increase in body weight magnifies loads on muscles. tendons and joints including the lower back. We are excited to have Clinical Nutritionist Jemma Watson on our team if you need some professional help around this – book with Jemma here!

Have you neglected an injury or niggle that you should have dealt with before winter?

While rest helps pain, it also leads to less fitness and strength. Get niggles checked ASAP if you feel them as you rebuild your fitness. Book here!

James Lewin is a former elite triathlete who is now physio to the best in the world!

Start gently and build up gradually!

Most importantly, if any of the above refers to your situation, ease back into exercise gradually. Consider a walk/run plan and as a guide, if you have had a lazy winter, start at 50% of what you were doing previously and increase by 10-20% per week or get in touch with one of our experts to help map out a plan.

Train smarter, not harder!

Many athletes of every level exercise to vigorously, too often. James Lewin, Australian Triathlon Team physiotherapist has written a great article which shows how even the best triathletes in the world train at low intensity most of the time. Check out that great read here!


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