Exercise with Cues


1) Roll Downs – Calm long breathes, breathing out as you reach down toward your toes. Slowly come back up to standing and reach with hand above head.


Reach down towards your toes


Stand and reach

2) Lower Back Rotations (lying on back) – Bend knees up high, let drop side to side letting the pelvis follow so that the lower back rotates.

Lower Back Rotation

Flat on the floor and rotate your lower back

3) Archer – Lie on side with knees bent up. Draw elbow back and let shoulder follow through also. Feel movement in upper back.


Flat on the floor and rotate your lower back arms to archer position

Upper Limb Strength

(start by doing 4 sets of 8 repetitions for these)

1) Pullbacks – Hold onto theraband or pulley with hammer fist (thrumb facing forward) and with elbow kept straight, pull shoulder back to just past body.


Elbow straight with hammer fist


Pull shoulder and elbow just past the body

2) Shrugs – Holding onto weight, shrug up and lower slowly


Hold weight straight down by your side


Shrug your shoulders with straight arms

3) Shoulder Press – Holding onto weights, raise hands slowly above head, keeping shoulders relaxed in first 3rd of movement. Make sure you reach right up when at the top.

Shoulder Press

Weights beside your head with elbows out

Shoulder Press

Raise weights straight up

4) Bicep Curls – Pretty self explanatory. Keep reps nice and slow.

Bicep Curls

Pull weight to your chest

5) Stop Sign – Start with a wide stance and bent knees whilst leaning forward and rotated with hand at opposite knee. Uncoil and finish up at ‘stop sign’ position.

Stop Sign

Wide stance, bent knees, leaning forward

Stop Sign

Uncoil and finish at stop sign position

Lower Limb Strength

1) Squat – As if sitting on low chair behind you.


Squat to seated position

2) Split Lunge – Start in standing position then stride forward and drop back knee down, keeping the majority of weight on the front foot. Then push back up via front foot and bring back foot back to starting stand position.

Split Lunge

From standing position, lunge forward

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