Star Physio have expert clinicians in tendinitis and tendon pain at West Perth

by Oct 15, 2015News

Star Physio have expert clinicians in tendinitis and tendon pain.


Star Physio’s Directors Dr Merv Travers (PhD) and James (soon to be Dr!) Debenham are experts in tendonitis, tendinosis and all things tendons. I was recently reminded that we occasionally take for granted that people understand just how good these guys are in the world of tendon management! A client actually thought that I was joking when I told him that Merv and James had done their PhD studies looking at tendons, until he had a flare up of his achilles after not doing his preventative exercise program in his return to triathlon after an extended break. Merv and James have worked closely together over more than 5 years researching tendons, strength and spring and have published numerous research articles in International Journals.

Tendons and tendon pain/ injury are one of the most common overuse injuries that we see in both athletes (including triathletes, runners and jumping athletes) and non athletes performing repetitive tasks.

The ideal management of these problems has changed dramatically with research over recent years, and James and Merv have been at the forefront of this including James presenting at World Tendon Congress last year and both being involved with lecturing in the subject at university level, as well as postgraduate level for the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Sports Medicine Australia. On top of this they are experienced clinicians and widely regarded for their expertise in “turning around” chronic tendon problems with carefully executed treatment plans.

What is of some concern is that many health professionals have not kept up with the recent research findings and continue to treat tendon pain in a less than optimal way.

Basic guidelines are
-you must firstly identify what stage of tendon problem you have- is it acute/reactive, or chronic/degenerative or somewhere in between. The management at different stages must be very different.
-Once this is confirmed, a clear plan should be put in place. Have you been told to rest your tendon? Rest on chronic tendon problems will not help them recover, and in fact may make them more painful! Often exercise can be continued and is an important part of the management of tendons but may need to be modified and must be carefully guided.
-Get strong. If carefully graduated strength work is not part of your current tendon management plan, you are very unlikely to have a good response to treatment leading to a full recovery.
-Return to normal exercise or activities. Sadly, every day we see clients who have been told they can “never run again” or “never play tennis again” when actually they have been either misdiagnosed or inappropriately managed.

Do you, or any of your friends have ongoing tendon pain? Are you confident that you are receiving the most up to date advice and treatment for tendon problems and pain? James Debenham works at Star Physio West Perth office and Merv Travers from both Star Physio West Perth and Mosman Park. Get in touch today and get back to what you love doing, pain free! Phone 94811003 or fill in the form on this page.

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