Star Physio’s James and Merv present “Lower Limb Tendinopathy Blueprints”

by Nov 9, 2015News

Star Physio’s James Debenham & Dr Mervyn Travers PhD will be heading down to Albany next year to deliver a weekend workshop to the physiotherapy community. They will be presenting a step by step blueprint for managing common lower limb tendinopathies – achilles, patellar, gluteal, adductor and hamstring.

These blueprints are chronological plans that will enable physiotherapists to plan & deliver comprehensive management, beginning with “what to do on day 1” through to your patients specific goals.



James Debenham is completing his PhD on Achilles Tendinopathy. He lectures at the University of Notre Dame, Perth & is Rehabilitation Director at Star Physio, Perth.



Dr Mervyn Travers PhD specialises in lower limb tendon loading research. He teaches Anatomy at Curtin University, Perth & and is Clinical Director at Star Physio, Perth.


For more information, contact [email protected]