A good bike fit relies on the person performing the fitting service, and the technology used, to be accurate and precise. Getting the right Bikefit will not only make your ride more comfortable and efficient, but it can help you prevent common cycling injuries while out on the road. Read on to find out what Bikefit can do for you. 

1. Fit the Bike to Your Body

Bikefit is not just about finding the right position on the bike, but also about adjusting the bike to fit your body. You might find suggestions for setting up your bike based on your measurements online, at your local bike shop or through computerised systems like Retul, and while these are nice measurement tools, they fall short of pinpointing the perfect fit based on your specific and unique measurements. For example, two cyclists of the same gender, height and similar frame could have completely different bike fits depending on their flexibility and limb length. Your physiotherapist will take measurements combined with high speed camera assessment to accurately set up the saddle height, saddle position, stem length, and stem height for your body. In addition we have access to accurate saddle and foot pressure mapping used by the best in the world for those who want the ultimate bikefit experience.

2. Reduce Saddle Pain

Saddle pain is common among cyclists (especially female cyclists) and can make riding uncomfortable and even damage the soft tissue. Compensating for Saddle discomfort may cause the cyclist to change their posture, potentially leading to pain elsewhere in the body such as the back and neck. Reducing pelvic rocking, adjusting saddle angle or changing saddles can help reduce saddle pain. Star Physio has a unique saddle pressure mapping system from the German company Gebiomized, which accurately maps saddle pressure, and changes through the bikefit process to ensure the optimal position for comfort, efficiency and power. 

3. Increase Comfort

Reducing areas of increased or sustained pressure and protecting muscles and joints from overload will improve comfort on the bike. When cycling, pressure is distributed through the hands, feet and saddle. Adjustments to shoe/cleat position, handlebar angle and height, and saddle position should improve and help to prevent and cycling-related overuse injuries.

Our experience as bikefitters and physiotherapists, combined with our unique Gebiomized Pressure Mapping System and high speed cameras can accurately assess your position and points of stress allowing us to adjust your bike to an ideal position for you.

4. Prevent Injury

Your physiotherapist will fit your bike so that your muscles and joints are in biomechanically- friendly positions, which reduces the chance of injury, improves the efficiency of your ride and reduces knee and joint pain and overuse injuries. We’ll also adapt your position to reduce pain around pre-existing injuries and conditions. 

5. Improve Efficiency

Cycling efficiency is a product of optimising biomechanics and improving aerodynamics, all whilst maintaining comfort. Bikefit can help you achieve comfort, reduce drag and improve power through correct biomechanical positioning. Part of your fitting service will be dedicated to training you in the correct technique to move in the most efficient way on the bike. Once you find your technique, the bike will be adjusted to suit. We use a video analysis program to give you visual cues on where and how to improve as well as the option of accurate pressure and force mapping at the feet and the saddle. 

After your professional bike fitting session you’ll receive measurements, recommendations and before and after pictures of your fit. So if you’re ready to ride better, longer and pain-free, contact us online or call 08 9481 1003 to book a Bikefit today. All professional bike fittings at Star Physio are part of our physiotherapy services and attract private health fund rebates.