Premium Custom Cycling Orthotics Now Available at Star Physio

Have you considered cycling orthotics? Are you currently using off the shelf inserts and are wondering if they are as good as it gets? Do you get foot pain or numbness? Have you got the ideal foot-pedal interface for efficient power transfer while cycling?

The team at Star Physio are constantly working to find the best possible solutions for our clients! We help you to get pain and niggles under control, prevent injuries and maximise comfort and performance in whatever you do. Cyclists and triathletes often ask us about shoe inserts.

Hot Spots, Neuromas and Numbness

These are some of the common issues we see in our cyclists every day. While they are often multi-factorial in their cause, the foot-pedal interface is the primary area of interest when cyclists complain of these problems. Cycling orthotics and shoe inserts are a common intervention for treatment of these issues. Until recently we have been limited in our ability to offer high quality custom cycling orthotics, designed specifically for cycling and triathlon to our clients.

Foot pain or numbness is commonly caused by areas of high pressure within the cycling shoe. The correct orthotic can help to evenly distribute the forces applied during cycling through the forefoot to reduce peak pressures. At the same time it improves comfort and foot/pedal contact.

Traditional Cycling Orthotics

In the past, most of the research in orthotics has been based on walking and running. This information has been pushed into cycling orthotics. Walking and running both require pronation to assist with shock absorption, then supination to create a rigid push off for lower limb propulsion. This does not happen in cycling!

Spin Cycling Orthotics by Footwork

In September, the Star Physio team invited Footwork Podiatry Lab founder and podiatrist (and former elite cyclist!) Artur Maliszewski to Perth. We reviewed and learned about the new Spin Cycling Orthotics. Through much research and working with some of the best cyclists in the World, Artur has developed a unique cycling orthotic design.

This shoe insert provides support from the rearfoot and posterior medial longitudinal arch to lock the foot under power. This provides a stable position for optimal power transfer. A common misconception is that only the forefoot contact matters in the foot/pedal interface in cycling. By stabilising the whole foot, these unique orthotics maximise input to the pedal by reducing the “buckling” under load of the ankle.

This is combined with a gentle metatarsal dome to unload pressure in the forefoot. All of this is built into a custom made stiff, strong and lightweight orthotic built thin, to fit comfortably in your cycling shoe.

Custom 3D Prescription by a Podiatrist

The most important part of a good orthotic or shoe insert, whether it be for walking, running or cycling is the correct prescription. Our podiatrists will assess your foot to determine the right level of control and support you require. Specific modifications related to your pain or foot structure will also be integrated.

You will then be 3D scanned using state of the art technology that Star Physio have invested in to help our clients get an exceptional product.

Finally, we take information about your cycling shoes. Each device is custom adjusted to work ideally with your favourite shoe as each shoe has certain nuances. You will still be able to use your orthotic across other shoes, but for the best possible fit, we will have your orthotic optimised for your favourite shoe.

Benefits of Custom Cycling Orthotics

Research is currently underway on these fantastic devices. As health professionals our first priority is helping people ease and prevent pain and injury, but we also love to help our clients perform to their best. Potential benefits of custom cycling orthotics include

  • Ease hotspots, metatarsalgia and neuroma pain
  • Reduced numbness in feet
  • Reduced knee pain
  • Improved comfort in feet in cycling
  • Better foot/shoe/pedal interface
  • Improved power transfer
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved performance!

Three of our recent clients have noted improved power outputs of between 20 and 40 watts since using the Spin Cycling Orthotics and just love how they feel!. We will continue our research and data hunting but these are encouraging signs early!

The whole picture!

Cycling is a complex sport, with the interaction between the bike and the body! We are attached via 5 contact points, including the feet, but also the saddle and hands. If you are having issues with your feet or you are serious about getting the most out of your cycling, the best outcome will be combining your custom cycling orthotics with a Star Physio bikefit using the amazing Gebiomized pressure analysis equipment. If you have not had a bikefit at Star Physio, check out some more about what we do well here! You can book a bikefit by clicking here!

Special Festive Season Offer on Custom Cycling Orthotics

Star Physio are keen to get these amazing orthotics into your cycling or triathlon shoes so that you too can enjoy the benefits! Until the 31st January 2024 we have a special offer to clients of 15% off your orthotics as well as a pair of the awesome Star Physio cycling socks, a saving of over $150. All cycling orthotic prescriptions are done by our podiatrists, following a thorough examination to ensure that they are the appropriate intervention for you.

Book your consult to enjoy this special here!

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