Do you want to ride faster, be more efficient and reduce your risk of injury on the bike?  Then Cycle Fit and Tri Fit conditioning classes @ Star Physio are what you have been looking for!

Star Physio is excited to offer cycle specific conditioning sessions at its West Perth and Mosman Park clinics.  Our physios have worked with some of the best cyclists and triathletes in the world and we offer our knowledge and experience in this area to everyone from the everyday enthusiast to the elite rider.

We have long understood the relationship between strength and performance in endurance athletes, but only recently has the evidence emerged of the dramatic reduction in injury risk in athletes by adding strength work into a training program.  Core strength and flexibility are also critical for maximising your cycling experience and we put all of this together in our 1 hour class.

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Initial consult review usually $99, for only $50!

All clients need to undergo a 40 minute one on one initial consultation to review injury and gym history and learn essential lifting technique. 

$35/session thereafter with an individualised program supervised by a physio with Private Health rebates available on all classes.

Our Cycle Fit and Tri Fit class will incorporate specific lower limb strength exercises, as well as core conditioning and flexibility work as done by the best cyclists in the world.

Correct tecFB_IMG_1435590868940hnique is essential to getting the most out of your exercise, as well as minimising the risk of injury.  We also want to know that you are otherwise in good shape so that you can get the most out of each session.  For this reason we require you to come in for a screening and review as well as technique education session with our physio and strength and conditioning expert.  Let us know if you have seen us recently and we may modify this just to a quick technique session if we know all about you already!

We offer morning, afternoon and Saturday sessions but we are also happy to cater for a group (minimum 5 people) and book a session at a time convenient to you at the clinic of your choice.

Give us a call or send us an email and book in to change the way you ride today!

Strong is Fast! Strong is Resilient!