Experience the Unique Bikefit Service at Star Physio

 Get the edge on your bike and maximise your comfort and performance with Bikefit…

Do your shoes fit? So should your bike!

Bikefit is the process of professionally fitting a bicycle to its rider, ensuring ideal positioning  that maximises each riders athletic input while minimising impact on certain parts of the body.

We take your equipment and fit it to you to reach your ideal position; there are times when your bikefit would benefit from a new part, however we try to use your existing equipment as much as possible. bikefit allows us to tailor a bike to its rider, increasing comfort, adapting positioning for injury or preexisting conditions, reducing drag and improving power.

  • Increase your comfort while riding
  • Improve your performance
  • Optimise your posture and position on your bike
  • Reduce risk of injury

Damian Oldmeadow has worked at numerous Olympic Games and has been a trusted Physiotherapist to some of the world’s top athletes, including 6x Olympic Cycling Gold Medallist Sir Chris Hoy, 3x World Triathlon Champion Peter Robertson, and Perth’s own current World Junior Time Trial Champion Jessica Allen. His interest and passion for cycling and bike fitting has seen him actively working with cyclists, triathletes and mountain bike riders of all levels for over 15 years.

bikefit sessions are one-on-one – complete the form below to register your interest in this service, make an enquiry or simply request a booking.