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Star Physiotherapists James Lewin, Dr Kevin Wernli (PhD), Dr Merv Travers (PhD) and Damian Oldmeadow have recently returned from the Australian Physiotherapy Association Conference in Brisbane.

Nigel Travers’ PhD Research

Both Kevin and Merv were presenters at the conference. Of particular interest, Merv presented the first paper from Nigel Travers’ PhD research. This research shows groundbreaking evidence in the treatment and rehabilitation of Achilles Tendon Pain, with relevance across rehabilitation and treatment of all pain. We sincerely thank the many Star Physio clients who took part in this research.

James Lewin who is involved in the Australian Physiotherapy Association had his research presented on low back pain presented. Kevin Wernli presented some of his ongoing work on Chronic Pain.

We are also excited to announce that Tara West has recently had her PhD research accepted. Tara has completed research into non operative management knee osteoarthritis through Curtin University. This research was extended across her maternity leave, adding two beautiful daughters to her family. Tara has a special interest in this area after her professional volleyball career which has led to significant osteoarthritis in her knees. She has successfully managed this with physiotherapy and strength and conditioning rehabilitation.

We look forward to Tara continuing to work with us in education of the Star Team with the latest evidence and hope to see her back in the clinic soon. You can read more about management of arthritis at Star Physio here.

Advanced understanding of pain

Physiotherapy is a rapidly changing profession. There are advances in understanding of pain and injury each year. This translates into new information to assist our clients with the best possible treatment and rehabilitation available.

The overarching theme of the Australian Physiotherapy Conference was of the complexity of pain. Many factors contribute to pain including stress, sleep and previous experiences. At times these are the main cause of pain rather than any structural damage. Many conference presentations reinforced our understanding that the findings on X-rays and MRIs often have no association with the pain a person is having!

Have you been told that you have osteoarthritis or that your joint is “bone on bone”? Have you been told that because of tendon damage or tearing that you need a repair? Did you know that these are often normal findings in people with no pain. Management often does not require surgery!

Not enough physiotherapists keeping up education!

Merv, James and Damo keeping moving at Brisbane Parkrun!

Despite Star Physio’s significant representation at the conference, there were very few Western Australian physiotherapists in attendance. Sadly, our governing body does not enforce the requirement for high quality continuing education. This allows many physiotherapists to continue to treat patients using outdated information and disproven treatments.

Star Physio are often called on for reviews and second opinions for patients who have been given outdated treatment by their previous treating health professionals. It is frustrating for the patient and for our team to see this every day. Thankfully it can also be very rewarding to see dramatic improvements when the correct information, treatment and rehabilitation are provided by our experts.

We share the findings and our learnings from the conference with the Star Physio team at our education sessions regularly.

Is your physiotherapist up with the latest research and information available? Star Physio are proud to be leaders in research and education to assist our clients with Expert Care, For Everyone.

If you haven’t seen a Star Physio for some time, or know someone who might not be getting the latest treatment and advice, get in touch or book an appointment by clicking here or calling 64249578

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