Dr Kevin Wernli (PhD Lower Back Pain).

Persistent Pain and Chronic Pain Expert.

Have you or someone you know got persistent or ongoing back pain that you can’t get under control? Is this pain stopping you from doing the things you love? Have read through this information and think about how it might relate to your pain. Kevin works at Star Physio Mosman Park and is an expert in back pain and persistent pain. Book here to see Kevin or read more about the incredible new information about managing lower back pain below.

Is good posture important?

Kevin completed his PhD as part of an internationally recognised team of persistent pain or chronic pain experts, with a particular focus on the relationship between posture and back pain. For many years, health professionals, including physiotherapists have taught posture as a means of preventing and treating back pain. We now know that much of the information that was being spread not only had poor or no scientific basis, but in fact can be harmful and increase pain in some situations.

X-ray and Scan Findings may not be related to your pain!

One of the most important findings in research in the last few years is that often, findings in scans and xrays in non-traumatic injury pain often have little or no relationship to pain. Non-traumatic Injury Pain is pain that we cannot associate with a specific incident such as a fall or lifting something very heavy and often comes on after a somewhat innocuous incident such as tying a shoelace or getting out of a car.

Should you rest with back pain?

Another key finding from research is that rest is seldom the right management of non traumatic pain. Once an expert physiotherapist assesses and diagnoses non traumatic pain, a series of safe exercises combined with positions of pain relief will be prescribed to get you back to what you want to do as quickly as possible.

Why doesn’t everyone give me this information?

What is very sad is that the large proportion of the medical and allied health fraternity are not aware of this research because the average time it takes for this information to become general knowledge is 17 years!!!

For more information about Kevin, read about him here!

Check out this infographic about the top 10 Back Pain Facts from some of the world leaders in lower back pain including Star Physio’s Dr Kevin Wernli.

Back Pain Facts


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