I would like to start by congratulating all of the athletes that represented WA at the Australian Beach Volleyball Championships in Adelaide last weekend. We came away with some great results and we are all very proud of your efforts. It really is such a privilege to be selected to represent your state, and I hope that you all enjoyed the experience and made some amazing memories.
Volleyball WA is always looking to lift the standards and this year, with the help of Marty Suan, we implemented mandatory injury screenings for all athletes trialing for selection for AJBVC.The injury screening assessed the athletes’ flexibility, mobility, range of movement and strength, allowing me to identify any potential injury risk factors. From the results of this screening, I was able to tailor individualised injury prevention programs for each athlete to complete at their beach volleyball training sessions, with the hope of preventing injuries before they occur.


The screenings went really well- we had 100% compliance and no major injuries during the tournament. As such, we are looking to continue with the screenings as we move towards selections for the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships in September.

However, you don’t need to be a junior athlete to have one of these screenings! Be proactive rather than reactive, and prevent injuries before they occur!

For more information on our volleyball screenings, please contact me on 9481 1003 or [email protected]

Tara West, Physiotherapist, Star Physio