I’m going to have a little rant today, so bear with me…

Private health insurance is an absolute necessity if you are playing volleyball – or any sport for that matter. In the past month, I have seen three patients requiring surgical intervention – all of whom did not have private health insurance!

Without private health cover, you have two options:


1. Access the public health system. For a non-life threatening surgery (eg. a knee reconstruction or shoulder stabilisation surgery), you will be put on a wait-list and it may be a year or more before you undergo surgery, or;

2. Choose to go through the private health system and pay big bucks upfront. I was recently quoted $10K upfront when I asked about the cost of an ACL reconstruction for one of my patient’s who did not have private health cover

Basic hospital cover costs around $2 per day.  “Extras” like physiotherapy, chiropractic and remedial massage are not worth paying for at a lower level, unless you think you will need a lot of treatment.  So if money is tight, skip the “extras cover” and just go for basic hospital.

To put it simply – If you don’t have private health cover and you are playing volleyball- you are crazy!

Don’t risk it. Go to http://www.iselect.com.au/ to check out your options.

Until next time!

Tara West
Star Physio