taraLast week I had the privilege of visiting Rossmoyne High School (my old stomping grounds), where I spoke to the year 9s and 10s about the upcoming Australian Volleyball Schools Cup, and how to get the most out of their bodies during the week. We discussed recovery principles and I ran them through a range of stretching, mobility and foam rolling exercises which will assist in reducing muscle soreness and fatigue as they head towards the end of the week.

The one thing that was evident from the sessions… that everyone seemed to have a love/hate relationship with was the foam rollers!

While some may consider them to be torture devices, foam rollers really are fantastic for self-massage, allowing you to release tight muscles and trigger points, and maintain mobility… and the good news is that the pain seems to become less the more you do it!

Check out this photo of all these brave Rossmoyne kids foam rolling their ITBs!





If you would like to order a foam roller, please contact Star Physio on 9481 1003.

Tara West
Star Physio