EPP0021-0191Whirlwind trip thus far but it has been fun and educational to boot!

I landed in Milan on Friday and had three days at the AIS European Training Centre on Lake Varese (terrible spot… not!!! ). I did a course/ conference with Paul Visentini (Australian and AIS cycling physio) on cycling science and injuries – which was largely re-confirming what we are doing well (and better than most) in the area of cycling physio, rehabilitation and Bikefit.

I flew to Netherlands on Sunday night and managed to make it up to the World Beach Volleyball Champs in Amsterdam, with a court set up in the middle of the old city. Unfortunately the Aussie boys (Kapa and McHugh- both who I played against!) went down to the Yanks, but it was a great venue and I caught up with the players and coaches while I was there.

Today I attended a “masterclass” with a world-renowned exercise physiologist. He sang the song that “strong is fast” for all sports, and provided some nice research on tapering.

You’ll be pleased to know that I was able to teach him a thing or two as well!

After presenting all of his research showing that strength training was good for performance in all sports, he mentioned that he did not do upper body weights with his triathletes because he did not want them to get to bulky! I got him to agree he was going against his own research and he told me he would start next season on upper body weights for his pro-triathletes!!!

The course was great, because it reassured me that the team at Star Physio (lead by Merv), is absolutely at the world’s leading edge on rehab, performance and injury prevention.

Tomorrow the International Science and Medicine in Cycling Conference starts.  It finishes on Friday, then the first stage of the Tour De France is on Saturday, then I fly back home on Sunday.

See you all back in the clinic soon!