Free City to Surf Training Program

Check out this great, safe running program developed by our expert physiotherapist for the Perth City to Surf. Star Physio’s James Lewin is physiotherapist to the Australian Triathlon Team and an elite athlete and former professional athlete in his own right.

This is a conservative program for the “novice” or “comeback” runner to help you get to the City to Surf start line in good shape! Get in touch with James or one of our other running expert physiotherapists or podiatrists if you would like a program more specific to your needs, or if you are concerned a niggle or injury might stop you from getting started or continuing!

Check out some other great tips on finding the best running shoes and how you can avoid running injuries with this great presentation by James here!

If you haven’t entered the City to Surf yet, it’s not too late! Get started today or get in touch with our experts if you are unsure if you are safe to run with any current niggles or injuries… you might be pleasantly surprised on what can be achieved with the best advice from Star Physio!

Couch to 12km City to Surf Program’
Date Week M T W T F S S
1-7 Jul 1         2′ R/1′ W x5   3km slow jog*
8-14 Jul 2   3′ R/1’W x5   3′ R/1’W x5   Walk/Jog your local ParkRun***  
15-21 Jul 3 4′ R/1′ W x5   C2S run group**   4′ R/1′ W x5   6km slow jog*
22-28 Jul 4   5′ R/1′ W x5   5′ R/1′ W x5   Jog your local ParkRun***  
29 Jul – 4 Aug 5 9′ R/1′ W x3   C2S run group   9′ R/1′ W x3   8km slow jog*
5 – 11 Aug 6   14′ R/1′ W x2   14′ R/1′ W x2   Run your local ParkRun***  
12 – 18 Aug 7 19’R/1’W x2   C2S run group**   19′ R/1′ W x2   10km slow jog*
19 – 25 Aug 8   25′ run   25′ run 15′ run   City 2 Surf 12km

*Make sure you get in touch with the experts at Star Physio ASAP if you have any niggles or concerns! Don’t just give up!

Call 64249578 or book HERE now!

**Keep an eye out on the City to Surf social media channels for weekly details on meeting points for the Wednesday after-work run group      
***visit to find your nearest ParkRun, a free 5km timed event that starts at 8am every Saturday      




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