Are you in the right position on the bike?

How do you know whether you are in a good position on your bike? Are you comfortable? Do you get saddle pain? Do your hands go numb? Do you get knee pain, neck pain, back pain??? If you are getting any of these issues, then you most likely aren’t in the best possible position. Too many cyclists and triathletes are fitted using outdated and disproven measures of knee angle and KOPS (knee over pedal spindle), with an attempt to find the right position based on visual measures the not only don’t matter, they don’t give objective information about the most important interaction on the bike – the saddle v’s. the sitting zone!

Bikefit – It is what you can’t see that matters most!

This is a picture of the saddle map of an amateur triathlete who had been fitted with using a Retul system by an experienced Perth Bike Fitter. Visually, the bike position looked good, and before and after the re-fit there was very little change in knee, spine, shoulder or elbow angles. This triathlete presented with saddle pain so severe, that she was unable to ride her beautiful new bike! You can see the high pressure point in the right pubic region in the initial position on the left. This area corresponded to a saddle sore reported by the client. The saddle was moved forwards, dropped lower, and the nose of the saddle actually brought higher.

The result, pressure moved away from the pubic zone, increased saddle area used for support and lower peak saddle pressures, and most importantly relief of saddle pain and saddle sores… The client fell back in love with her bike… and her husband!!!

Important note. This refit used the same saddle that was causing all the pain. Too many cyclists and triathletes blame the saddle for their pain and problems, but out international bikefit group agree that 80% of the issues are caused by an improperly fitted bike, and only 20% need a new saddle!

Don’t put up with saddle pain any longer, or for that matter, any pain on the bike! Call Star Physio today on 92124254, book online or fill in the form on this page.

Check out this story on our own physio and amatuer triathlete Ruth Chang on her re-fit experience!


Retul, Specialized Fit, BG Fit, Goniometers, Plumbobs and more!

Have you been fitted using these systems? Up until 2013, we thought measures of knee angle and fore-aft position were the best way to set up a bike, whether with traditional tools or with fancy computerized equipment. We now have good evidence that that sadly disproves our previous ideas that these measures were important, and in fact knee angle at the bottom of the pedal stroke has no relation to either performance or injury risk, and unfortunately is also very inaccurate to measure, even with fancy looking equipment! One of the biggest myths in bikefit is the one of KOPS. We now know that the research that suggested that moving forwards increased knee injury risk was highly flawed, and that moving forwards or back has almost no bearing on joint kinematics when other adjustments are taken in to account!

Enter Saddle stability analysis with Gebiomized

Back in 2013, Star Physio’s managing director Damian Oldmeadow attended that International Cycling Science Conference in London. There he met Daniel Shade from Gebiomized, and was introduced to saddle pressure assessment both as a means of assisting with comfort and stability on the saddle, but as the central measurement to determine the ideal cycling position. At the same conference, the legendary Keith Bontrager (Trek, Bontrager wheels and components) presented an at the time very controversial lecture with evidence disproving KOPs as an important measure in bikefit. The room was full of the most experienced bike fitters on the planet, and to say it ruffled some feathers would be an understatement!

Move forward 6 years on there are sadly still many bike fitters, some well known and highly regarded, who are still fitting using these disproven methods with their heads buried well in the sand! The great news however is that the saddle stability and pressure analysis system from Gebiomized has now become the international “gold standard” in bikefit for cyclists and triathletes.

This system is now used by most of the best cyclists and triathletes in the world, including Team Ineos (Formerly Team Sky) with the last 3 Tour De France victors in Egan Bernal, Geraint Thomas and Chris Froome. In the triathlon world the likes of Jan Frodeno, the Brownlee brothers, Cam Wurf, Patrick Lange, Sebastian Kienle and many more use the gebiomized system!

Check out this story on Cam Wurf to see how the pros get it done!

Spring 2019 Bikefit with Free Massage Offer From Star Physio!

Whether you are a pro, a wannabe or a never will be, the right position on the bike will change your cycling life!!! Get in touch and let us help you find your ideal cycling position whether it be for comfort, performance, efficiency or a combination of them all, Star Physio can help you with the best bikefit equipment in the world, in the expert hands of physiotherapists. In Spring 2019, as a sweetener, we will throw in a free massage worth $65 with every bikefit! Call today on 92124254, book online or fill in the form!

Loads more information available here, and if you can’t find the info you are after, get in touch and we will give you a call!

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