Bikefit for your indoor trainer bike!

In the uncertain environment we currently live, courtesy of COVID-19, our freedom of movement is likely to be compromised at some stage, and that stage is likely to be sooner rather than later. What that looks like in Australia no-one can be sure, but recently in Europe certain towns have stopped all forms of outdoor exercise in an attempt to curb the Coronavirus infection rate.

Girona, Spain is one such place where a couple of Star Physio’s long term friends and pro athletes Jess Allen (pictured here in a pre-fit assessment) and Jack Thompson have been forced to do all of their training indoor also. Check out both of them on social media for a chance to ride “with” them online! Jack and Jess have both benefited from the amazing Gebiomized Bikefitting in the hands of expert physiotherapists at Star Physio, and being in a great position is part of what allows them to spend so many hours in the saddle!

Check out a story on Jack’s bikefit experience at Star Physio here!

Jack Thompson Bikefit at Star Physio.

Did you know that your bikefit on your trainer is even more important than your road bike?

Whether we like it or not, we might all be spending some time on the indoor trainer in the days ahead, and even if we don’t get locked in, winter is not that far away and who loves riding in the cold, dark, wet mornings in winter? Not us!!! 

Because you don’t change position as much and tend to pedal more constantly on an indoor trainer, any problems with your position, or any niggles that haven’t been dealt with are amplified on the trainer! Amazingly, so many cyclists just throw their “old bike” on the trainer and use a rough estimate, or measurements off a different bike with different geometry and a different saddle to guess their position. Some will get away with it, but for many it is a recipe for disaster!

We recommend you jump in fast and get ready for what in reality, may be a long spell on the indoor trainer!

Warning of hidden indoor training dangers!

Add to that the race that is Zwift, or the challenges that Sufferfest or the likes might throw at you that are actually a bit tougher than hiding in the group as you roll around the river, and you can see how a little issue can turn into a big problem, all with the risk of not being able to get in to see someone to help you if we get shut down!

Beware of technique advice from social media and coffee shop experts!

A final word of warning! We have seen a number of cyclists with injuries caused by “experts” associated with some of the online cycling options. Beware of suggestions to change your technique! Most cyclists, even pros don’t realise that even when they think they are riding circles or pulling up on the pedals, that they are nearly all producing their power in the pushing phase of the pedal stroke.

Humans are a pushing animal and our strength is in the pushing muscles! Don’t go and change your pedalling on the trainer if you have not been having problems! It most likely will not improve your pedalling efficiency and there is a good chance you will end up with an injury!

Trust experts who keep up with evidence in cycling performance and injury prevention like the Star Physio Bikefit Team!

Gebiomized saddle analysis

Special Offer!

To encourage everyone to sort things out, Star Physio are offering $50 off all bikefits and $100 off your indoor trainer or second bike if you have had another fit in the last 12 months. If you haven’t been in for a while you can get both your outdoor and indoor bike fitted together and save $125!!! All of this using the world’s best bikefit system from Gebiomized.

As an added bonus, we will throw in a free 1 hour massage valued at $95 with our cycling expert massage therapist Jordan Keightley for nothing – and we will make sure you have 12 months to use it just in case you need to maintain some social distance for a while! That is a saving of up to $220 to allow you to ride indoor through isolation and winter with confidence!

Book here now. “Time is of the essence” like never before!

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